Lately I’ve been having these dreams of living out my diaper fetish and in these dreams, I either meet a girl who I’ve never met before or it’s one of my friends (girls) and they live the fetish with me, either because they already have the fetish or respect the fact that I have it and they give it a try and like it. It seems like each time, it’s a different girl, either ones that I’ve known from school or always see around. The fetish they live out with me in the dream includes wetting and pooping the diapers and taking showers/baths in the diapers (SOOOOO FUN!!!!!). I’m always mad when I wake up from the dream because I either want it to continue or I want it to happen for real (both reasons actually). And these girls are fucking hot!!! Does anybody else have dreams like this? Thanks for reading DIAPER FETISH FOREVER!!!!

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  1. If anybody wants, I’ll either post or send pictures of the girls who appear in my dream

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