Dream Becomes Reality pt. 1

The small bedroom was dimly lit. The dark colored walls were covered with posters and random pictures. The room wasn’t much, a decent sized bed, a desk with books and papers covering it, a dresser in the corner and a closest. Cody followed Mark into the dark room. He looked around nervously, he had never done something like this before. Mark shut the door behind him. Mark led Cody over to the bed where he instructed him to sit down. Mark turned to go lock the door. Cody quickly looked down at his crotch, good the things still down he thought. Mark returned holding a nice crinkly pair of diapers. 

“Have you ever used one before?” Mark asked. 
“No,” Cody replied quickly. Mark sat down on the bed next to Cody.
“C’mon now, you better know what to do,” Mark said. Cody sat upright and turned to look at Mark. His hands trembled as he unbuckled Mark’s belt. He pulled the belt out of the belt loops and threw it on the floor. Cody smiled nervously. He then attempted to remove Mark’s shirt. Mark aided him, Cody slid the shirt off Mark’s body and threw it to the floor. Revealed was a nice chest, with a decent outline of abs and pecks. Cody stared at Mark’s nice body and slid his hand up Mark’s chest, touching both nipples. Mark sighed as Cody squeezed his nipples gently between his fingers. Cody then moved back to his lower half and began to unbutton Mark’s pants. He slid Mark’s jeans off with ease and pulled them past his ankles and put them on the floor. Cody looked down at Mark’s growing bulge. Cody slid Mark’s underwear down his butt and legs and to the floor. Mark’s cute pink dick flopped to the side. Cody judged it to be about four inches long flaccid. Cody took Mark’s cut head between two long fingers. He rubbed the tip gently, every once in a while touching the pee hole. Mark tensed up, sighing loudly, enjoying every moment of Cody’s fingers on his dick. Cody let go of Mark’s dick, half erect now, and grabbed the diaper from behind Mark’s head. 
“Lay back,” Cody instructed, his voice soft and gentle. Mark did as he was told. 
Cody unfolded the crinkly diaper and lifted Mark’s legs up to slide the diaper gently under his butt. Cody then poured baby powder over Mark’s semi-hard dick. Cody rubbed the powder all around Mark’s dick and balls, giving Mark’s balls an extra little squeeze. Cody pulled the diaper over Mark’s dick and taped the sides. 
“Your turn now,” Mark said, looking up at Cody. 
Mark removed Cody’s pants and shirt. Underneath the shirt was a nice set of washboard abs Cody got from playing soccer. Mark instantly got hard. Cody leaned back on his arms and let Mark touch him. His nerves no longer were there. 
Mark rubbed Cody’s nipples making them hard and nice to play with. Cody relaxed, sighing in pleasure and excitement. Mark then turned down to Cody’s flaccid dick. It lay flat against his briefs, pushed over to the left side. Mark guessed it to be about five inches long, very nice size. Mark removed Cody’s underwear, revealing a cut pink dick, about five and a half inches, pushed over onto his left leg. Mark grabbed it greedily, tugging it away from Cody’s body. Mark rubbed it between his hands with vigor. Cody could feel himself getting hard as Mark played with his dick. Mark isn’t as gentle as I am, I guess he’s never been with a girl, Cody thought. Mark finally dropped Cody’s dick and reached for a diaper. Mark lifted Cody’s legs and slid the diaper underneath his butt then poured the baby powder over Cody’s dick and balls. Mark rubbed it in, just as Cody had. He then pushed Cody’s dick into place, pulled up the front and taped the sides. 
“Have you ever had sex in a diaper?” Mark asked excitedly. 
“No,” Cody replied. 
“Well it’s fun, but first you have to get a little messy,” Mark said. 
“You mean like poop?” Cody asked, puzzled. 
“No, I’m not into that, but pee, so that the diapers are wet and squishy,” Mark answered. 
Cody gave in, eager to try this out too. Mark left the room quickly and returned with two large bottles of water and two sodas. They downed the drinks quickly, both ready for play. 
“It’s best when there’s a lot of pee in the diaper,” Mark said. 
They both sat anxiously on the bed, waiting for something to happen. Cody glanced at the TV in Mark’s room, and suggested playing Xbox while they waited for their bladders to feel the effects of the drinks. 
Cody started up the TV and Xbox while Mark returned to the kitchen for more drinks. 
Mark returned with a few beers. Cody looked up and smiled. They both drank the beers greedily while they played Xbox. Neither of them were drunk, but both had full bladders. 
“How long can you hold out?” Mark finally asked, breaking the silence. 
“My first time, not very long, like ten minutes. But my most recent experience, about an hour. I can give in quickly, but I can also last a pretty long time,” Cody replied.  
Mark finally broke the video game silence when he stated his need to piss. Cody also realize he really could use the bathroom too. Cody watched eagerly as Mark let piss flow freely from his dick into the absorbent diaper. Cody listened to the sound of the piss gushing from Mark’s dick into the soft material. Cody stared at Mark’s crotch, which now looked saggy and wet. Finally Cody released his torrent of piss. The diaper welcomed the piss into its material. When Cody finished he looked down at his own crotch. It was soggy and wet too. Cody at Mark, noticing the outline of Mark’s erect dick, then he too noticed his ow erection. Mark made a hole in the back of his diaper right at the spot where his anus was. Then he made a hole in Cody’s diaper, right at the front where his dick would stick out. They turned, and began to make out. Moving towards the bed, grabbing each others dicks through padded diapers. Cody pushed Mark onto the bed. Mark turned onto his front, sticking his ass up into the air to allow Cody access to his anus. Cody pulled his eight and a half inch erect dick out of the diaper hole. He rubbed lubricant on his dick, then put some on his finger and rubbed it around Mark’s anus. 
“Please, go inside of me!” Mark yelled with excitement. Cody got on his knees, and positioned his dick right in front of Mark’s anus. Cody then slid his dick gently into Mark’s anus. Mark cried out in ecstasy as Cody’s dick entered into his anus. Cody began gently, sliding his dick in and out slowly, carefully. 
“Faster!” cried Mark. 
Cody moved faster, pushing his dick in and out with speed. As he sped up, he could feel the diaper squish harder against his body. The warm piss that had absorbed into the padding smashed against his crotch. Cody humped Mark faster and faster, while Mark cried out in ecstasy, moaning in pleasure. Cody panted and groaned as he felt his dick grow even harder and come closer and closer to his climax. 
“Oh my god I’m going to come!” Mark screamed, as he rubbed his dick with his wet diaper while Cody humped him. They both moaned in ecstasy as Cody humped faster. Mark finally let out a loud cry of ecstasy a half hour into sex. Cody continued humping him, nearly at his climax. Cody then thrust his dick hard into Mark, and grabbed onto Mark’s shoulders. His body was on top of Mark’s as Mark had flattened himself. Cody humped Mark harder, thrusting his dick deeper. Cody moaned, as pre cum escaped from his dick. He pushed his dick in harder and deeper, moving faster again. 
“I’m going to cum!” Cody screamed as he continued to hump Mark intensely. 
Finally Cody cried out. Cum rushed out of his dick into Mark’s anus. Cody pushed his dick into Mark a few more times, letting all his cum enter Mark’s anus. Cody removed his dick, breathing heavily then collapsing next to Mark.
To Be Continued….

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