Double pooped bed

As some of you may know already,my friend Sally (Andersgirl) who works with me at the dental office,has moved in with me at my mother’s home this Friday afte work.I recently introduced her to the joys of panty pooping and she loves it too.As a celebration we were intending to have a lovely poop together in our queen size bed that night,so we had been holding our poop since Wednesday and were both feeling so ready to do this.At work Sally,brought in a pound of licorice which we chewed all day,as our very good friend Fiwet in Australia had said it was a good natural laxative.By the end of our work day we could feel the effects of this and were now holding our poop inside by tightening our muscles and clenching our butts,in case we lost it all too early.At 5pm we left work and I drove Sally home to collect her clothes to bring to my place and then we drove home.Mother had a nice dinner ready for us for 6pm,when we would have normally taken our stool softeners to be ready to poop later,but today we would not need any,we were ready to go anytime.

I have a nice big plastic sheet on my bed to protect the matress from any accidents I might have ,so we did not have to do anything to prepare the bed.We ate our dinner and had lots of drinks as we were intending to have a wet and poopy night,and to really enjoy our first night living together.Mother knew what we had planned and told us that normally we would have to clean up our own mess after pooping,but since tonight was secial she would change the bed while we were having our bath and shower,so it would be ready just to jump into after we were clean.We thought that was very nice of her and thanked her.After dinner we kept drinking large cold drinks until about 8pm we were both feeling pretty bloated and needing to pee badly as well as ready to poop.We thanked mum for a lovely dinner and decided to have an early night,but we ould not be sleeping for a while yet.

We both went to the bathroom,which is right next to my room with a connecting door,and brushed our teeth.Then we went into the bedroom and undressed each other until we had on only our panties.I put down a couple of towels on the carpet making a path to the bathroom from the bed,and we got into bed.I had on my usual cotton polyester panties which have a short leg and are good at containing poop,Sally had a pair that were a little less full cut,but should do a fair job of holding it inside.We decided that we would keep our panties on so that our poop would not be lost in the bed,but stay in our panties untl we spread it ourselves.Sally was a little nervous as she had never poopedin bed before,but we cuddled close and kissed and soon she was feeling fine.I suggested that we each allow just a small ammount of poop to come into our panties to begin with,so we relaxed for just a second or two and let just a small blob of soft poop into our panties.I asked Sally then to roll over onto her tummy and I would put my finger into her anus,using the poop as a lubricant.She rolled over and I got my longest finger into her poop then slid it inside her anus.I asked her to relax now as I pushed the finger further inside her and could feel the soft poop waiting to come out.I slid the finger in and out several times and Sally said that it felt good,then I pulled it out as she was still relaxed and her panties began to fill up with soft poop right away,spreading toward the front as she was lying face down.

Now I rolled onto my tummy and Sally put her finger inside my anus and did the same for me,making all my poop come right out when she removed he finger,and again it filled my panties spreading to the front and covering my pussy as it had covered hers.Now I said we should roll onto our backs and reac down with our hands and pull the soft poop up our fronts,keeping it in our panties still and closing our legs.This we both did and now had a load of soft poop in front of our panties.I said to Sally to just follow what I did and I reached into the front of her panties with one hand and got my hand well covered with soft poop,then brought it out and spread the poop gently over her belly and up further,rubbing it over both tits,while she reached her hand into my panties and brought a handful of poop out whch she then spread all over my belly and tits.Now we were well covered with the soft poop up our fronts.I reached into her panties again and brought out the rest of her poop,while she did the same in my panties.With our second handful of poop we begn to rub it all over our won fronts mixing with the poop already there,until we were both covered up to the neck,but no further.

Now we turned toward each other and hugged close again front to front and slipped over each other with the poop between us getting spread a bit more as we crushed each other together and kissed each other fondly.Our backs too were getting poopy from our dirty hands as we hugged and pulled each other closer,getting our pussies into each other and our tits slipping over the other’s tits.Now I said to Sally was the time to relax and allow our pee to escape into our poopy panties and over our messy bodies.We both relaxed our bladders as we hugged and hot pee sprayed out ove us both mixing with the soft poop as we held on hard to the other’s body.Our hand then rubbed over us again helped by the now wet poop and we slipped and slid over each other,our lips suck together as we moved all over each other in the bed,which now had a large puddle of pee in the middle.We held and enjoyed our bodies while the pee and poop was still warm,telling each other how much we had enjoyed the experience,and how much we loved the other.It really was a special moment for us.

It was time now to get cleaned up,so we got out and went through to the bathtub which we filled with nice hot water.It is a large bath with the taps and plug in the center,so we sat in it facing each other as we scrubber off the worst of our poop,and let the water out.We then went into our shower room right next to the bathroom and got under the spray together,covering each other with soap and gently rubbing the other clean again,kissing again about every five seconds.This time we were able to put our fingers into the other’s pussy and gently rub and stroke all over.Once we decided we were clean enough,we got out and got dried.Normally I would have got powdered with talcum then before going to bed ,but this time Sally had brought some Johnsons baby oil to rub over us;another tip from Fiwet in Australia who says it helps prevent rash from pee and poop,and it smells nice too.We got back into our,by now,nice clean bed which mum had changed for us,with no powder on us,just dry.When we were in bed Sally poured some oil on her hands and began to rub it all over my skin,which felt absolutely great and very sexy.When I was well oiled,I hugged Sally and transferred some oil to her body as we slipped over each other again,and finished oiling her body with a little oil on my hands.We continued stroking our partner’s body until we were both covered,every inch,with sweet smelling oil and feeling as if we were one body,not two.It was still a long time before we settled down and fell asleep,as we could not get too much of this contact.As we lay in each others arms I asked Sally if she was happy,and she said she had never been happier in her life before.We fell asleep hugging and woke up in the morning in the same position;I don’t think we moved all night.

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  1. Debbie I gotta say you are definitely the romantic! Great story and I wish you two the best. It’s not everyday you find someone and you both share the same fetishes. Love is a good thing enjoy your futures together !!

  2. Debbie,
    In your story you said your Mom did cleanup this time. Does your mom just accept that you poop and wet your pants from time to time, or does your Mom poop and/or wet her pants as well?

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