Doing it in my pants on purpose

Having started to share my accident experiences I feel the need to share with people that I have taken to doing it in my pants on purpose. I have to be honest, I don’t know why and I don’t do it often, all I know is I get an incredible urge to do it (normally filling my pants) I enjoy the feeling of holding on and I have to admit when I get home and let it happen it’s an amazing turn on that usually ends with an awesome ejaculation.
I like to do it when I am still fully dressed, depending on where I’ve been working, it is often in jeans and T shirt(safe) but the real turn on is in my suit with collar and tie, I have mirrors set up so I can watch my bulge grow as it slips out of me…, that does it for me. I usually clean up straight away, take a shower and go down the pub to meet my mates like nothing has happened Can anyone tell me why this kind of thing happens? As far as I know, no one knows I do this and I can’t imagine (or don’t want to) any of my friends doing it, yer We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors!
Can anyone explain how or why this fettish takes over for a brief while then it’s back to normality again for a few weeks?

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  1. well its what you enjoy doing, your friends will never know only your friends here and iam sure there are lots of people would like to join you and do with you , the reason you do it is because its your rebellion against what your told to do and it also feels very sexy and horny doing its what turns you on too as apposed to straight sex sxx

  2. It does feel so good to be dressed normally and just let poop fill your panties.I love this too and do it as often as possible.

  3. Hey, I know when I started back in 1967, I couldn’t imagine anybody else poopin’ their pant for the sheer enjoyment of it. At that time, I thought I was all alone. I sure enjoyed it, especially after I ejectulated.
    I had no idea there were so many other people who do this like I do until I came upon this site. I do it because I enjoy every minute of it and while the poop is in my pants or my dick is getting a rub to top off the feeling, I don’t give a fuck about anything else. When I enter this state, that’s all I care about and you probably feel that way too, or if you don’t yet – you will. I have, on occasions, driven as far as 35 miles just to enjoy my self and relax while swimming. I have probably pants pooped over a couple thousand times and out of that number I only got caught three times – not a bad record for that many times.

  4. I always shit in my pants deliberately. That’s part of the turn on for me. I am choosing to mess my pants. I do it in private, in my bathroom (I live alone, so no problems there), and can take my time and try many different things — such as squat shitting, or sitting on the toilet in underpants and filling them, to simply standing still and allowing an insistent load to drop out into my pants.

    I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, I just do. It’s very guttural for me, and I love grunting and pushing and holding and squeezing.

    While I can get plenty hard, I usually don’t cum when shitting in my pants because of the “crash” that comes after ejaculation.

    While it is frustrating as hell to hold back cumming — as long as I hold off, I still have the horniest “poop in pants” feelings — even after I have dumped a load in my pants, thoroughly soaked them with piss, and cleaned up. It still is on my mind.

    I’d shit my pants again if I could produce the shit! Just like as good meal, I’d love to go back for seconds or thirds! Nature has other plans, however, LOL. So once a day is my limit. I sure wish I could dump a big, multi sectioned log into my pants. I used to be able to do that. I miss my old logs, how it felt!

    It’s a fascination. with the feelings and with the shit itself. Very sexual and yes, very naughty.

    I don’t know why it fascinates me so, and amazingly, it has evolved for me!

    Before this site and seeing all the ways people pleasure themselves with this fetish, I only pooped dry ones in my pants, and hurried and cleaned up right away. My goal was to push out a big dry turd that left no stain and had no stink! I used to be able to do that, but only that. Until I saw videos of people pissing and pooping their pants!

    Now I piss while pooping my pants too, which adds to the pleasure.

    I am also into looking at my poop in my pants and even holding it. I want to try new things, like sitting in my shit. I’m worried about the mess, so I haven’t done it —- yet.

    Not sure where this fetish and interest is all going, but it makes for one hell of a ride!

  5. I stand still like a toddler baby. I grunt and push out a large monster into my underpants. I’m an occasional diaper wearer and will use them to make a solid mess and then a wetting. I always do at least two long logs each time I go and that makes me have a LOAD in my pants. I can go twice a day with each movement a load. It’s so much fun to release my #2 into my underpants or diapers. I do mine at home but have ventured out into public to show pretty girls that I am a toddler baby and needs his pants changed. I did it in my pants in school when I was younger and mostly in front of the boys in my classes. They were hot looking and I wanted them to change my pants. Kind of still do too. Girls are better because their hands are soft.

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