True story.  Last Sunday I was only online for like about 6 minutes. I didn’t think any of my friends would be online but Bryan was. He like almost always dares me to piss my pants and I soooo always do it on a dare.

I really didn’t want to get dared this Sunday and I totally begged Bryan to let me go and not dare me to piss my new jeans. He was like “sure” so I was happy and chatted with him for a couple minutes

Then I was like really ready to go. BryBry’s a meanie tho and he told me to take off my pants. I was like what the fuck? And he said just do it. Then he told me to take off my shirt. I was like ummm dude I dont wanna get naked cause I gotta go to my mom’s church today and he was like just do it.  So I did.  Then he said fold the shirt and put it on the seat. Ummmmkay.  Then he asked what undies I was wearing. I had boxers so I told him what they looked like.  Then he made me sit on the chair on top of my shirt. Then he dared me to piss my boxers.

I was like you soooo promised you wouldent dare me,. Bryan was like uhhhh no, I promised you I wouldent dare you to piss your jeans. I never said any thing bout the boxers or shirt. I was like “fuck!” But I did it. I was sooooo soaked. My boxers were totally soaked and there was a puddle on top of my shirt.  The boxers felt way fucking hawt like that.  Then BryBry told me to pull up my jeans and buckle the belt.  I did and it felt sooooo fucking hawt. But my jeans were wet now. Then he told me to put on my shirt. I was like way fucking soaked.

There wasn’t like any reason to not piss my jeans then so I let him dare me. I got seriously soaked all morning. Fucking fun!

Guess I really gotta be clear when I ask ppl not to make me piss my jeans.

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