Does your partner share your fetish?

I have only been in one relationship that shared the same love of piss that I do.  Unfortunaltely it takes more then a fetish to make a relationship.  I have been very happy in an eleven year relationship with a man that knows about my love of wetting, but does not share the same passion and lust I have for it.


I was just wondering how many of you are in a relationship that does not share the same fetishes with your partner and how do you work around it? I’m thankful for sites like this where I can enjoy my piss pals, some I’ve known for quite some time through past websites and some new ones too!


Your wet friend,

Joe (Jozepee)

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  1. I’m in exactly the same position, in a longterm relationship with a guy who isn’t interested in piss desperation and accidents.

    He used to tell me stories about it though to get me horny and in the very early days he even acted things out with me despite not being interested in it himself.

    That did not last of course, it really doesn’t work if only one of you likes it. So, just like you, I am extremely grateful for the existence of sites like this one.

  2. my girlfriend will happily let me film her peeing and pooping. She even has the occasional accident in her knickers too. I’d like her to take things a step further, but she refuses to. I’m very very lucky though. In previous relationships, i couldn’t even begin to tell my partner about my dirty secret.

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