Do girls not poop as much as guys/

Looking at the pictures on here of guys pooping their pants and the ones of girls going in their panties, it seems that girls don’t have as big or as messy poops as we guys do. Most of the girls pictures, I wouldn’t even consider that I’d done it in my pants. I probably could just dump that tiny bit in the toilet and not even need to change my pants.

I did personally experience one exception. I met an adult baby girl an an AB munch. She was asking guys if they wanted to babysit her at her place for the night. I should have been wary when all of the guys turned her down.But, when she asked me, I said yes. When wwe left, one of the guys smiled and said, “you’ll be sorry” We got to her place and I changed her wet diaper. I needed changing too, but i changed myself later. After getting her settled in a big playpen, I went to fix her a bottle of warm baby formula. I was holding her and feeding her the bottle when she started to grunt. There was a crackling sound and the most foul poop odor I’d ever experienced wafted its way towards my nose. And, she wasn’t finished. she was still pooping. Well, I’d agreed to babysit her and change her diapers, so when she was inished, I told her to lay on the floor and unpinned her diaper. What I found in that diaper would have made a 6″10″ 320 pound man proud. Yes, she was a bit on the heavy side, maybe close to 200 pounds and 5’6″ or so, butn I couldn’t believe that all of that had come out of her. Cleaning her, rinsing her diaper and re-diapering her took nearly 30 minutes. I thought I was done, but she pooped again about an hour later and it was nearly as much as the first time. I left without changing her the secondtime, and didn’t get my reward. nhot even the best Bj is worth that.

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  1. This was written a very long time ago. I guess you have learned your lesson, regarding how much women poop.
    Under the same circumstances, a woman would produce more poop than a man. I think it has something to do with the anatomy. The problem with most is that it is such a nice sensation that most simply don’t wait (like I do) until it is too late to get to a potty.

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