Disney World Punishement ( 100% real story :D)

So figured out of pure boredom I would retell the tale that I’ve told a few people about already lol, A little about me real fast, I am a AB , owned by a Mommie ( not always in the headspace but wear 24/7 / subbie pretty much no pottys alloweddid :P) .
Mkay Story time:
So this was last year sometime ago in the midst of the blazing florida heat lol ( prolly was about 90 degrees out) I hadn’t gone potty for serveral days, so I had taken a bunch of mirlax a little over a day prior ( like x3 the dose ) The day I had set that I knew I was going to have to explode like a cannon lol, my Mommie woke me up early and told me that we were going to disney I was half asleep, and we were in a hurry because we wanted to beat traffic, My Mommie told me not to mess in the car, because well she didn’t wanna have to smell me / stop to change unttil we got there ! We’ll I normally always make my movements in the AM when I 1st wake up and I was beyond full! I had to go, I purposely told my Mommie I was going to lay down in the back, so I did so. We were about half way there when it just hit me like a ton of bricks I was going to go potty, I was laying down in the very back of the car ( its a 7 seater) so I had the seats in front of me kinda to block my view while I was laying down, and I started filling, it was ridiculous! It came out so smooth and just perfect, not liquid;y and not hard as a rock, just as I was finishing up and could feel the heat from my messy pile hitting my ass and lady parts , a massive cramp set in and I let out major fart after fart back to back, I thought I had almost gotten away with it D: , but unfortunately my Mommie asked me I had gone I tried to tell her no but she knew better then that, she had me make my way to the front seat so she could check me. I knew I was in trouble, she didn’t say much but told me to sit back in the back and was kinda quite. When we got to disney I was a mess ( thank god I was in a skirt or it would of been sooo much worse lol) we got out of the car and I noticed Mommie didnt have my diaper bag at all, she told me since I didn’t listen to her and tried to hide it from her I was going to have to stay like this for the entire time we were at the park , and I would have to still eat and drink link a big girl periodically though out the day >< that it was basically sliding off my ass, my skirt wasn't too bad the leak was minimal thank god lol. After a little while longer of walking around she told me it was time to go ( mind you all day while I was in line / at resturaunts, people kept making comments to the person next to them about how bad it smelt around here / someone reeked , I'm pretty sure I made someone leave a line at one point too , not to mention having to bend over or sit with my skirt I know people noticed / saw I can only imagine what there thoughts were lol) we were walking back to the car and got there and she told me if she was going to change me, I needed to show her the mess I had made and tell her how sorry I was for lying to her and nicely ask her to change me . I didn't have any options, it was do as I was told or stay in this and risk getting it all over my Mommies car and having to clean it / maybe get in more trouble! So i leaned up against the car, lifted my skirt and asked her in the cutest voice possible if she would "I'm sorry Mommie , please change my dirty bottom Mommie?" and she did , and yes there were people around not to much since we didn't leave at park closing time, but I know people saw me , there was no way around it, no one said anything if they did see but there were several groups of people walking towards there car / to the park so embarrassing,
Thats my story of my punishment at disney world the mostest happiest place on earth! lol XD

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