David Rogers had just turned twenty when he discovered two things about himself he had never before realised and they both took place because of a journey on a Northern Line train between London and Barnet.

On evening one he was sat and looking around himself. It was about nine and he was bored with his book. He found himself looking at the guy sat opposite him, nice looking, similar age, height, blue eyes and a wide smile. David realised the wide smile was aimed at him. He smiled back. That was that. Simply a smile exchanged. Somehow it made him feel funny inside. It was the sort of feeling some of his friends had talked about having when they fancied a special girl. He was surprised that his cock had stiffened. It was over a week since he had played with himself and now he would hardly need to. He sat still in case sudden movement set him off. He had to carry on looking at the guy who finally got up and left the train at Whetstone. It was a humid evening and both this guy and he had shirts sticking to them and as this fellow stood by the exit, so close to him could see his white briefs outlined through his trousers and the white elastic of Jockeys showing above his trousers. The doors opened, the guy got off but not before giving David another big smile which caused David to cream his pants big time. A large wet stain appeared to the left of his zip as he pumped his semen into his briefs. He was in love. He walked back to his flat happy and sticky and in love for the first time in his life. He was not bothered he was gay, simply very happy with how he had found out. Sitting out in the back garden of the flat he did something else he had not done for a year or so. He sat and wet his pants. He had quite forgotten how good it felt to feel the warmth and watch the wet stain spread and the piss warm his bottom and it soaked up his bum toward his waistband. He had his second orgasm of the night and went to his bed in his wet underpants and slept like a log glad he still had protection under his sheet.

He woke to that smell that had been so familiar to him as a boy, dried pee under the sheets. He did the domestics involved in wetting you pants, the washing and changing the bed and sat outside with his breakfast and coffee dreamily thinking about the guy on the train. He suddenly realised how much he had fancied some of his school friends and how many chances he had missed through not realising that he was gay.

He put on an old pair of blue corduroy shorts and a polo and headed off into town to get some shopping. It was the weekend but he had a load of Open University work to do for his exams coming soon. He was noticing other guys and the walk was good, brief lines through shorts, waistbands showing and everyone happy in the sun. Walking home he felt a growing need to poo and enjoyed the sensation as he often had as a youngster. Five minutes from his flat he let go and felt his clean briefs fill with a reasonably firm and quite large load. He had done it on purpose! It squeezed between his cheeks as he walked , it spread around the crotch of his briefs, he had a good solid hard on and as he walked around the side of his flat he creamed in his Jockeys. He stayed dirty until the evening when he cleaned up and went to meet his mates for a drink. David was a happy young man. Now he understood he was gay and enjoyed peeing and pooping his pants. Surely that was enough for one twenty four hour period.

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  1. i also am david 59 and bi.
    your story is so hot,although i prefer girls , was so sexy.
    i was about 30 when this guy,only met him once,answered my advert.
    he went home with me had me put on black lacy see through panties and pissed on my legs and chest.
    he finished and left.

  2. Filling your panties with a large soft warm poop feels so wonderful to me.The softer the better so that it spreads everywhere an dfeels so naughty yet you feel so in control and don’t care that you are going to have a big clean up.The feeling is so good and when you masturbate in all that soft poop the orgasm is out of this world.

  3. Debbie – you are right – the feeling is sensational – no one should knock it until they have tried it. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone can have a genuine accident without thinking how fantastic it feels in your knickers/underpants and then being able to resist doing it again – and again and once for to see if they still like it.

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