Discovery of The Joys of Pants Pooping (fiction)

I was 18 years old and in my final year at school when I had a sudden attack of diarrhoea. It happened during the last lesson of the day and although my skin tight thigh length lycra underpants managed to contain much of it, the runnier mess oozed through the fabric, messing my trousers and running down my legs so it was impossible to hide my condition, the smell being the initial announcement of my accident. I was sent home immediately with a visit to the lavatory to clean myself up as well as I could, but during the walk home another huge load erupted from my anus. Despite my predicament, I found the entire experience very enjoyable – the loss of control, the feeling of runny warm shit flooding my underwear and the public embarrassment all were either very pleasant or thrilling.
Needless to say, my mother was not pleased but she provided me with an old towel and a large pair of knickers with elasticated legs to hold the towel in place after I’d removed my well soiled pants and trousers and cleaned myself up in the shower. I had another rectal eruption later that evening so I was glad of the precautions but mother called the doctor who, after examining me, arranged for me to go to hospital. There I was cleaned up by nurses – a delightful experience – and put into a disposable nappy which I almost immediately filled and, needing bladder relief too, I saw no point in holding back so I flooded my nappy as well. It was very pleasurable having a total toilet experience without even having to get out of bed. That and being changed made me very enthusiastic to repeat the experience voluntarily once I was well again.
Once I was back at school, a very quiet boy called Peter started talking to me whenever the opportunity arose and the talk always got round to my accident and did I enjoy it. It soon became obvious that Peter enjoyed filling and wetting his underwear and we became close friends. I remember accompanying him to town to buy some disposable nappies; we split the pack and the cost and we’d go for walks together in our nappies, ensuring that we had full rectums and bladders before we set off. Peter was an only child and had an en suite bathroom so cleaning up afterwards was simple, the only tricky part being disposal of the well filled and soaked nappies.
We both went to the same university and it was there that Peter asked me if he could push his cock up my arse before I’d cleaned up after a nappy filling session. It sounded like an interesting experiment so I agreed on condition that he would pull out immediately if I didn’t like it. My shit that day had been very soft so Peter had to find my arse hole by feel as he pushed his cock through the shitty mess covering my arse. I remember he was very excited and very hard as we had our first fuck. I was tight but he was firm and after gentle pushing by both of us he slid all the way in. It wasn’t more than half a dozen thrusts before I felt his cock pulse inside me as his balls delivered their load. Peter softened, pulled out, wiped me with a tissue and then got down on his knees and applied his lips and tongue to my puckered hole, pausing once as he asked me to push out his semen which he then sucked and swallowed.
Although I never fancied applying my mouth to his shitty arse, there were many occasions when I slid my cock up him and it was I who first suggested a directly injected pee enema. Peter gave me one first and I remember my surprise at being unable to feel his jet hitting the walls of my rectum but instead a build up of pressure increasing my need to ‘go’ as he emptied his bladder into me. I returned the favour and it became a regular feature of our love making. I remember both of us giving each other a pee enema before we both put on nappies and rubber knickers under our trousers before taking our end-of-year exams. It was a real stress reliever sitting in the exam room and slowly squeezing our partner’s pee out of our bottoms and into our nappies with occasional spurts from our penises when we felt the need.

… to be continued …

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