Discovery of my pee fetish


i have been raised with strict mummy which always said that there are rules in the world and we must keep it. When I was 7 years old I went first time at school. My best friend Martin was at the same age, so he went at school at the same time and we got same class. So, naturally we was sitting behind one desk- one desk was for 2 pupils.
Rules was- bathroom only in the breaks and my mummy told me- you must keep the rules. In addition I discovered that I was pee shy, I did not like to ask for bathroom, I did not like to go to the bathroom at school, I like bathrooms at my home.
In year 1 there was not so much lessons every day, usually we had only 4 lessons every day, from 8 to 12. My home was 15 min. walking from school and I went after lessons to my home with my friend Martin.
Martin was pee shy too, he had never used bathroom at school as me. Later he peed himself to his jeans but first it was me who could not hold it.
One day I hurried to my home with Martin as usually. I needed to pee badly, but almost every day I needed to pee, so I did not pay attention to it. Martin went first part of my way home with me, then he left me and turned to his block of flats. I went alone but suddenly I felt that my pee was in my penis and I stoped it only with my hand. Little spurt came to my briefs but was not visible. But this was not happen before , so I got to be stressed a little bit. I lived in the block of flats. Building had 12 floors and our flat was in floor 6. I did not use lift because I was too little to use it. When I reached entrance doors to my block I was in real pee troubles. I hurried to stairs but suddenly I felt how one spurt squirted to my clothes. It did not help hand in my crotch and wet stein was quite visible. In one second I took decision that I must run in front of the block and pee there behind the tree or another place, but now! I turned round but now it was too late. I felt that my pee flowed to my crotch and down to my legs, knees and to my shoes. One part of my need ran from my trousers to the floor, one part ran to my shoes. I felt very nice feeling, I did not know something about sexuality or fetishes at that time, but I liked it. After short time was nice feeling away and I was staying in my own pee in entrance hall.
I went out and tried to pee rest of my need there, but reality was that all of my need was in my clothes and on the floor in the entrance hall. I did not know why I tried to pee.
So I went to stairs and continued up and thinked about what I could say to my mummy or how I could hide it. But try to hide it was almost impossible because my mummy was at home and I was completely soaked. I unlocked doors to our flat very quietly but my mummy was awaiting me as usually. First she did not pay attention to my wet jeans:

mummy: you look like tired today
me: ehmmmm…

now she looked to my jeans

mummy: did you pee yourself at school?
me (started to cry): no, in front of our block
mummy: did somebody see you?
me: no
mummy: it can happen, take off your jeans and put them in washer and take a shower. And next time use bathroom in good time.

So I did what she wants and remembered feeling of peed pants forever!

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