Dirty Things

As I look over my bookmarks I am quite surprised how many dirty things I like. Yes it could definitely be more dirty (as I am not into scat at all) but I just find it kind of funny how dirty of a mind I have when it comes to the things that turn me on. Dirty underwear, cum stains, cum stained underwear, wet underwear, pee stains, pee streams, bed wetting, marking, public urination, exhibition, etc. One could argue that it is only dirty because society has whitewashed and tabooed everything about our sexual natures and bodily functions. Anyway it was just a thought I had. I’m trying to learn not to be so ashamed of the things that turn me on. Baby steps.

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  1. your not alone, I have the same needs and turn ons.
    Men should smell like men, Sweaty, ripe and rank, Nothing ever too gross in my mind.
    Been turned on by just walking into smelly, pissy men’s rooms, the aroma is like fuel.
    Seeing another guy in his dirty, grossed out underwear, cum rag, pissy and skidded is huge turn on.
    any traders

  2. Love to see guys pissing where ever they like, especially in places and on things society does not approve.

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