Dirty service by a straight rent boy

I had only been waiting by the train station entrance for a few minutes when he arrived. A very pleasant surprise. Big, sticky boy, healthy, cropped dark hair, very cute with full dark pink lips. He dragged the last of his cigarette and then furtively acknowledging me slowly came up to me.

‘I’m Nello,’ he said.


‘So, I see,’ I smiled back already feeling a hard on.


‘We do it in the toilet?’ he asked starting another cigarette.


My eyes took in the curves of this big farmer-like boy: huge legs and very ample arse, broad shoulders and big-titty pecs all wrapped up in a tight track suit. My rent boy fantasy incarnated. I watched the smoke come out of his mouth and knew that in a few minutes he’s be giving me head and swallowing a load.

‘I eat so I make big shit and fart,’ he laughed weakly as we moved to a dark corner of the train station and I had a quick grope and a wet kiss.

He trumped quickly and loudly and I bent down and sniffed the hot but sweet stink between his massive butt-cheeks. I grope his arse a few more times and caught another kiss before we headed into the toilet.

I had bribed the warden and got the disabled toilet in the back so we wouldn’t be disturbed. He was also allowed to smoke and get cleaned up – it had cost me €100 for the pleasure but it was worth it.

We smiled discreetly at the attendant and went into the disabled toilet. Nello smiled and then seeming eager to please showed me his huge arse and then let go another very noisy fart. I got down on my knees and breathed in the explosion. I was groping a very meaty big arse and had a raging hard-on. He lit up and sniffed some poppers and then told me he was ready to fill his boypanties.

Sometimes rent boys promise heaven and give nothing but as the thunder burst out of his big arse a huge mound of firm shit pushed its way crackling and making a huge mountain in his spandex. I groped, sniffed and rubbed we kissed and then I made him sit down on the toilet seat and squash and he farted again as he did smoking and taking more poppers. He was trying to give me everything and he was doing a great job. He pulled out his big uncut cock and I blew it enjoying the groaning and took the load in my mouth.

I then kissed him for a few minutes and he sucked me off and took my load.

I enjoyed cleaning him and it was easy because the Hungarian diet of meat and stodgy potatoes had produced big firm logs of shit. He let me rub him down and I put the panties into a plastic bag.

We kissed again and I groped the big arsed and willing farmer boy before walking out together, heads held high into another adventure.





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