Dirty Little Secret – Part 5

The burly prisoner stuffed the final prune into his mouth and chewed on it slowly. He savored the sweet flavor of the wrinkled fruit before he swallowed hard and exhaled. Then the prisoner glanced at the glass of water sitting on the table and blinked when he noticed how milky and powdery it looked.

“So, uh…what’s in this again?” he asked.

“Doesn’t matter. Just drink it,” said Gabor.

“How do I know it ain’t poison?”

The chubby convict blinked. “What’s the point in them dragging us all here so they can kill us? Just drink the damn water.”

The other prisoner sighed. “Fine.”

He grabbed the glass of fluids and quaffed it all down in one go. Then he slammed the glass back down on the table and burped. Afterwards, he, Gabor, and the three other prisoners were escorted into one of the showers that had a large “mirror” built into the wall. Two guards carrying assault rifles and wearing gasmasks entered the showers with them before shutting and locking the door. Some of the prisoners were confused, but Gabor and one of his friends knew exactly what was going on.

“Okay, so the guards woke us up in the middle of the night, made us eat a bunch of prunes and drink some odd-colored water, took our boots and then threw us in here. What’s the point?” asked a Hispanic convict.

Gabor just folded his arms and grinned. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

The convicts waited impatiently for a few minutes, feeling the food they ate digest in their stomachs when one of the prison guards entered the bathroom. It was Gabor’s old friend, Dick.

“Okay, so are you guys ready?” asked Dick.

“Ready for what?” asked the Hispanic prisoner.

The guard rubbed his head. “Right, the rules. Okay, the goal’s simple: whoever shits their pants last wins.”

Two of the five prisoners started to protest. A young black-haired convict named Jon Folmyer was starting to panic.

“Wait, what?! We’re supposed to force ourselves not to shit our pants?!”

“Why do you think they made us eat prunes and drink water loaded with sorbitol?” asked Gabor.

“That’s what that shit was?” asked Andre, a bulky dark-skinned prisoner with a beer gut.

Dick chuckled. “You can thank Gabor for a little ‘incident’ we had a couple weeks ago. You remember, right, Gabor?”

The bald-headed prisoner grinned. “Course I do.”

“This shit ain’t legal! You can’t do this to us!” shouted the Hispanic convict.

“Really? Was it legal when you shot all those people during your various gangbangs? Was it legal for you, Andre, when you slashed your cellmate’s throat? Was it legal for you, Jon, when you stabbed that college girl for not going on a date with you? And what about you, Yosik? Was it legal for you to…shit, I don’t think I even want to remember what you did.”

Dick turned and faced the chubbiest convict in the room. “And don’t get me started on you, Gabor.”

Andre sighed. “We’ll all pieces of shit. We get it. It’s not like I ain’t shit my pants in prison before. Just tell us the rules so we can hurry up and get back to sleep.”

“You have to go in your pants; you can’t go on the floor, wall, each other, or ceiling if you try to manage it. If you do, you get disqualified, and as punishment, you get to be Gabor’s personal toilet slave for a week.”

Gabor grinned. “I’m sure all of you wouldn’t mind cleaning my ass and being fed for a week.”

Jon blinked. “What does he mean by—”

“Don’t ask, kid,” said the Hispanic prisoner.

“As for the prize…well, I’ll think about it while I observe you all from this two-way mirror. Maybe I’ll convince the right people to lower your sentence. Maybe I’ll let the winner blow me. Maybe I’ll blow the winner. Maybe I’ll let the winner grab some of his buddies so you can all gang-rape me,” said Dick.

Andre and the Hispanic prisoner grinned. “Is that so?”

The prison guard nodded. “Oh, and don’t try to escape. I know the smell will get to you after a while, but you’re convicts. I’m sure you can tough it out.”

Before anyone else could protest, Dick walked out of the showers and closed the door. The other prison guard wearing the gasmask made sure to lock it before he stood and observed the five convicts. All of them were clad in their orange prison outfits and gray socks. The air was already starting to smell a little, in large part due to Gabor’s B.O.

“So…what now?” asked the Hispanic prisoner.

Gabor shrugged. “We wait and let our bowels do the rest.”

So the convicts waited, pacing around the showers and occasionally talking to each other, trying to ignore the pressure they felt in their stomachs. When a half-hour had passed, everyone started to comment about the smell and how it was unfair that the two guards had gasmasks and they didn’t. It wasn’t just Gabor that was stinking up the place—everyone was. Gabor was obviously the grossest and muskiest prisoner in the room, but Yosik and Jon had started to sweat. The Hispanic prisoner—Rico—had a problem when it came to foot odor. Rumors swirled that he had to be transferred to a different cell because his old cellmate couldn’t handle the stench of his feet. Andre had made the mistake of not showering all day, so his musk was flaring about too. But the comments didn’t last long, and Gabor, being the slob that he was, embraced the stench of the showers. He even sat down on the floor and started to sniff his stinky socked feet.

An hour after that was when the farting began. Gabor (naturally) was the first one to rip ass, leaning over with his leg off the floor and passing a substantial amount of flatulence. Everyone (except Yosik, who was lying on the floor sleeping to pass time) groaned and waved a hand in front of their nose. But seconds later, Jon let out an equally large fart. The short prisoner grabbed his ass, thinking he just soiled himself a little. But his underwear was dry. The real problem was Yosik. Since he was sleeping, he couldn’t control his bodily functions; the gas naturally poured out of his ass. Everyone stared at the tall and tan-skinned prisoner who was snoring quietly. He rolled over so he was lying on his stomach, and then immediately ripped a monstrous fart for several seconds. Even Gabor was impressed with the noise, surprised at how thunderous it was. But the other convicts couldn’t handle the smell, and Jon wound up kicking Yosik in his side.

“Hey, get up before you suffocate us all with your farts!”

The tan-skinned prisoner snorted and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times before he grumbled and slowly got to his feet. Gabor nudged Yosik on the shoulder and snickered.

“Good one, Yosik! Guess you’re pickin’ up a few skills from the master, eh?”

Yosik glanced down at Gabor and grunted quietly. Then he folded his arms and leaned against the wall. Andre cut a deep fart before he exhaled and walked over to Gabor.

“So a lotta talk’s been goin’ around about you and Jacob. What’s the deal with you guys?”

Gabor shrugged. “Jacob’s decided to play nice with me from now on, that’s all.”

“What, he’s your bitch now?”

“Not exactly.”

Andre chuckled. “Don’t tell me he’s actually your boyfriend or somethin’? That kid can’t go five seconds without runnin’ his mouth.”

Gabor grinned and stepped towards Andre, his big belly pressing up against his smaller one. “What’s wrong with me? Aren’t I sexy enough to get a decent boyfriend?”

Andre backed away from Gabor and waved a hand in front of his face. He plugged his nose a few seconds later.

“Jesus, man! For starters, your breath stinks! Did you stop brushing your teeth altogether, or do you just eat your own shit for dinner and breakfast?”

Gabor folded his arms, still grinning. “Maybe it’s both.”

Andre sighed. “Whatever. Since you and Jacob are all cozy now, maybe you should tell that kid to stop talkin’ shit to everyone. Sooner or later, someone’s actually gonna go through with shanking him.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Another hour went by. There was more small-talk between the prisoners, but they were complaining more about the smell now. Gabor and Andre were trying to make the best out of the situation by tallying how many times each person passed gas, but they lost count. At some point, three farts were heard every minute, and each fart was starting to get wetter and wetter. The convicts were groaning and breathing heavily, sweating from being in such a hot and smelly room for so long. Yosik’s face was covered in perspiration, but he still kept silent. Jon was whining and wrapping his arms around his stomach, his knees shaking as his stomach grumbled. The young man gritted his teeth and ripped a large fart, which ended on a wet note. Jon yelped and grabbed his behind. Something warm and wet had squirted out of his ass.

“HA! You lose; you just shat yourself!” shouted Rico.

“That-that doesn’t count! It was a shart!”

Rico snickered. “I knew you’d be the first one to go down. Shame you don’t have iron stomachs like…”

The Hispanic prisoner stopped talking and felt his bowels rumble. He looked down at his torso as it churned, all the food and fluids inside digesting rapidly. Everyone could hear his gut grumbling; Rico felt unbearable pain moving through his colon. Suddenly, intense pressure was felt around his anus, and the convict knew what was about to happen. He gritted his teeth and sharted twice. Unlike Jon, he sharted so hard that it left a brown stain on his orange pants.

“Oh shit. …Fuck this; I need to get out of here!”

Gabor and Andre started laughing. They had no idea one of them would end up chickening out from all the pressure. Rico actually ran towards the door and tried to get out after shoving the guard aside. He pulled on the door handle three times before the guard shoved him back and stood in front of the door.

“Get the fuck out my way! I’m not gonna stand here and fuckin’ shit myself so some guards can beat off to it!”

“You know the rules,” said the guard, his voice muffled beneath the mask.

“You think I can’t beat the shit outta you? You think I can’t steal the keys from you and—”

Rico made a comical gurgled sound after the guard took out a Taser and zapped him in the stomach. The prisoner shook for a few seconds before falling down on the floor. Still shaking and making the gurgled sound, Rick flipped over and tried to stand up. But he was shaking so much that he couldn’t even stay on his feet without slipping and falling. Thanks to the electroshock, Rico temporarily had no control over his bodily functions. It only took Rico a second before he realized that he was about to soil himself.

“FUCK!!!” he shouted.

Rico closed his eyes and groaned with frustration as he started to fill his pants. It started out as muffled squishy farts; everyone could see the brown stain spreading on his orange pants. But then Rico groaned again and everything became violent. Diarrhea and pudding-like shit filled his pants immediately. The brown muck spilled down his underwear, causing them to bulge outwards. Wet gas bubbles popped as revolting squishy fecal matter gushed out of Rico’s ass. He whined, embarrassed that he was shitting himself as though he were still a toddler. Andre and Jon stopped laughing at the Hispanic prisoner and instead groaned and waved a hand in front of their noses. Gabor was still laughing though, and getting a little hard from the smell. Rico whimpered again before he mentally told himself to just let it all out. The prisoner lifted his ass a little and gritted his teeth. Seconds later, a loud splorch was heard, followed by a gurgling sound. A large light brown stain ran down his right pants leg. Rico was messing himself pretty hard.

“Guess my stomach’s not so weak after all!” said Jon.

Unfortunately, he jinxed himself. Upon opening his mouth, he sharted his pants again. The young prisoner yelped and whined as the wet shit splattered against his underwear. Legs shaking, Jon squatted towards the floor, arms wrapped around his stomach. Gabor approached Jon and patted him on the back three times.

“It’s okay, kid. You know what they say: better out than in, right?”

Jon glanced up at Gabor and his nasty grin. He knew he was trying to convince him to lose, but at this point, it felt like it’d be worth it.

“Just let it all out. You’ll feel much better.”

Jon glanced over at Rico again. The prisoner was still groaning and soiling his pants. The seat of his trousers was almost completely brown now, and the watery fecal matter was running down his legs. The Hispanic prisoner got to his knees before he put a hand on his stomach. Ass sticking out, Rico groaned as a sputtering wet fart exploded out of his anus, followed by dozens of small chunks of shit. The waste was dripping to the floor now and creating a big mess. Jon knew he’d be in the same situation, but it was okay, because eventually everyone would end up filling their pants. So Jon took three deep breaths before he made two fists and gritted his teeth. Gabor stepped behind Jon and stared at his ass. Two loud blorps were heard as the young man loosened his bowels. Jon exhaled and panted quickly before he put his hands on his knees. Then he let nature take its course and started to shit his pants. Jon’s bowels movement was watery at first. Gabor stared at the seat of Jon’s orange pants and saw a light brown stain quickly spread around his ass. The waste was already dripping towards the floor; it sounded like someone was squirting water out of a hose.

Then, just like Rico, everything became chaos. Gabor saw Jon’s pants bulge outwards; the bulges were dark brown instead of light brown. Giant chunks of soft shit were pouring out of Jon’s anus and into his underwear, filling them up quickly. The shit was so loose and runny that it didn’t even come out in logs. There was a massive blob of foul-smelling shit in Jon’s pants, and it was starting to get around his thighs. Jon released a series of farts before he spread his legs and sighed with relief. An odd and seemingly content smile showed up on his face, and Jon began to squat even lower to the floor. The shit had little room to move around in; it began to spread all around Jon’s underwear. His balls, scrotum and cock were all covered in excrement now. It was all so warm and pleasant; the man never felt so dirty and ecstatic all at once. He clearly was pleased, as Gabor noticed that the young man was getting hard and leaking a bit of precum.

“Feel better kid?”

Jon nodded and pushed out more soft shit. He backed up towards the wall before abruptly sitting down in his mess. As he farted, he wiggled his ass a bit and rubbed his crotch. It seemed as though Gabor’s dirty nature was rubbing off on the young man.

“How ya doin’, Andre?”

The black convict coughed several times and kept his nose plugged. “Goddamn! Only two have gone so far and this place stinks to high-hell!”

Gabor felt his bowels churning. “How’s about you and I play Shit-Chicken again, see which one of us goes first?”

Shit-Chicken was a disgusting game Andre and Gabor had invented when they used to be cellmates. Both of them would eat tons of food and then force themselves to fart as many times as they could before deciding to take a shit. It wasn’t about who messed their pants first; it was about who would use the toilet first in order to prevent that from happening. However, Gabor always won, as he had no problem soiling his pants right in front of Andre. In Gabor’s rulebook, shitting your pants doesn’t mean you lost; using the toilet does. And once Andre figured that out, the game frequently ended as a tie…and with both convicts having to change their underwear.

“But there’s no toilet here. Neither of us can lose,” said Andre.

“Then we’ll just have to see who farts so hard that they shit themselves.”

The muscular and slightly chubby convict snickered and put his hands against the wall. “You’re on!”

Gabor did the same and stood beside Andre, his hands against the wall and his ass sticking out. A noisy fart filled the showers, but it came from Rico, not Andre or Gabor. The Hispanic prisoner stood up and held his stomach.

“Are you fucking kidding me?! I’m still not done?!”

Gabor grinned before he passed gas first. He felt his ass cheeks vibrate a little as the sloppy fart slid out of his fat posterior. Andre grinned as well before he lifted his right leg and pushed out some gas too. It was very deep and sputtered for a moment; Andre sighed afterwards and waved a hand in front of his nose. Gabor was about to break wind again when Rico interrupted him. The convict wrapped his arms around his stomach and swore as he squatted. A muffled fart exploded from his ass before he resumed filling his pants with pudding-like waste. He whined as he felt the filth swarming around his ass. The unfortunate convict was shitting so hard that the slop had reached his socks. Some of the shit was sliding down the back of his legs, and a small brown puddle of stinky slurry had formed beneath his ass. Gabor shook his head and snickered before he finally got his fart out. It was very loud and short; the fat prisoner shouted and had to stop himself.

“WHEW! Another second there and I would’ve lost! Your turn buddy!”

Andre huffed, thinking Gabor was cheating. The prisoner stuck his ass out some more before he grunted and released a squishy fart for five seconds. It left a stain on his underwear, but nothing was visible on his pants so he was still in. Gabor felt his gut grumbling and shook his head. He knew he wasn’t going to win this. Using all his strength, Gabor pushed out a colossal amount of flatulence and shit all at once. He didn’t completely shit his pants, but the stain on his trousers was huge now. Gabor took his hands from the wall and exhaled. Andre did the same before he shouted with joy.

“Guess I win this time!”

Gabor heard his giant belly gurgle, the sound reminding him of water running through pipes. “Yeah, I guess so. Maybe we’ll try again next week.”

“You’re on!”

Gabor glanced behind his shoulder and grinned as he looked at the two-way mirror. “As for you, Dick, I hope you enjoy this!”

The chubby man backed up so he was only a few feet away from the mirror. Then he bent over, his giant ass pressed against his underwear and orange pants. Rico and Jon were still soiling themselves, but it was all background noise to Gabor now. The big convict shook his ass for Dick before he smacked his bottom a few times and planted his hands on his knees. A few seconds later, the showers were filled with the cacophonous sounds of squishing, farting, and splattering all at once. Due to the sorbitol and prunes, Gabor’s shit was loose and mushy. The brown stain on the seat of his pants not only grew larger, but bulged outwards too. Gabor gritted his teeth and grunted as he soiled himself, feeling the warm and soft scat spread around his ass. The foul stench of his mess hit his nostrils instantly; Gabor took a huge whiff and exhaled with happiness. There was a series of splorching sounds, which was followed by a booming fart that lasted for a few seconds.

“Ooooooooohhh…damn, that feels good,” moaned Gabor.

Andre started to cough. He was secretly into shitting himself too, but being surrounded by all this stench was messing with his nerves. Rico was still squatting, groaning and holding his toned ass with his hands as he sharted his pants over and over again. Jon was sitting on the floor masturbating and cutting wet farts. He didn’t know why he was jerking off; he got caught up in the moment and now his right hand was in his pants. Gabor was also shitting himself with glee, sighing and giggling as more slop slid out his fat ass. Gabor knew Andre wanted to see as well, so he turned around and wiggled his fat butt at the black man. He smacked his soiled ass twice before grunting and pushing out more waste. The man’s pants bulged outwards yet again, accompanied with a thick squelch and a small splashing sound. Then there was a blorp and the orange pants began to droop like a dirty diaper. Gabor moaned again and rubbed his crotch. To top everything off, hot diarrhea began to slide out of his ass. What made it so wonderful was that there was hardly any sound at all.

Andre watched as another bright stain of fecal matter spread around Gabor’s pants. The hot diarrhea quickly stained his underwear before bleeding through the material and skittering down the back of his legs. Gabor sighed again when a loud dripping sound was heard. The fluids were dripping onto the floor. And if that wasn’t enough, the streams of diarrhea going down Gabor’s legs had reached his smelly socks. Andre growled to himself and watched as the gray socks were stained as well. Andre was considering masturbating too when his stomach gurgled. They were still in a competition, and Yosik still hadn’t gone yet. Andre looked up at the tall man and noticed that Yosik was still keeping to himself.

“Well…guess it’s just you and me, huh?”

Yosik looked down at Andre and grunted. Andre figured it was best to try and sabotage Yosik’s chances at winning. The tall man hadn’t sharted himself even a little since the competition began; he was only farting. But Andre knew of a perfect way to make Yosik loosen his bowels.

“Hey, you got a bug on your shirt!”

Yosik blinked and looked down. But then Andre said, “Don’t worry man, I’ll get it!”

Yosik grunted out loud when Andre deliberately punched the man in the stomach, irritating his bowels.

“Hmm…I think I got it. Nope, still there. Let me try again!”

At that point Yosik could tell what Andre was trying to do and was gradually getting more and more annoyed by it. The tall man actually groaned out loud and put his hands around his stomach when it churned deeply. Gabor would’ve been laughing if he still wasn’t busy filling his pants and rubbing his shaft. Jon had finished masturbating, spraying his massive load of spooge all over the inside of his trousers and leaving a stain that looked like he peed himself. Rico, amazingly, was still going. It didn’t hurt as much as before and most of the fecal matter was out, but the prisoner had defecated so much that a puddle had formed around his feet. His socks were half-brown, half-gray and shit was all over the back of his hairy legs. Meanwhile, Andre snickered to himself, still pretending to try and kill a bug.

“Almost got it!”

Andre gagged when Yosik grabbed him by the throat and squeezed very hard. It wasn’t until now that the man realized that Yosik’s arms were as buff and as hairy as Gabor’s. Andre thought Yosik was about to kill him for toying with his stomach, but the tall man simply grinned at him.

“You got bug on your shirt. Let me get it.”

Yosik formed a fist with his left hand and aimed right for Andre’s abdomen. Then he punched Andre in the gut so hard that he practically hit his solar plexus. Andre’s eyes grew wide and he let out a strangled gasp and cough simultaneously. Yosik growled loudly before he removed his fist and let go of the black prisoner. Andre coughed a few times and put his hands on his stomach. He wasn’t going to win.

“You mother—FFFFFUCK!!”

Andre shut his eyes and swore again as his bowels voided. Yosik stared at Andre’s pants, hearing a few wet farts and a soft splash. Then Andre collapsed to his knees and released the brown sludge. His pants bulged outwards very slowly, accompanied with the disgusting sounds of splattering and splashing. The shit was coming out in giant soft chunks as opposed to several large logs. Andre groaned and excreted a lengthy sloppy fart for several seconds before his pants bulged outwards again. His shit smelled horrible and added another strong odor into the showers. Rico was on the verge of vomiting. He coughed several times before bending over and retching. The man spat on the floor before he took deep breaths, unable to get away from the stench. Andre tried to stand up, but he bent over and stuck out his ass in the process. Yosik had a close-up view of the man shitting his pants even more; this time around he squirted out diarrhea. The hot and loose waste spread all around his underwear and dripped down the back of his pants. Andre panted a few times before he put his hands on his knees and pushed intentionally. Gabor heard three thick blorps, and Andre sighed deeply. The soft load in the seat of his pants was causing them to droop a little.

Gabor growled to himself before he rubbed the back of his pants and moaned. He stood in front of Andre just as he collapsed to his knees. The burly black man waved a hand in front of his nose when Gabor sharted near his face.

“Mmm, I’m a dirty fuckin’ boy,” he said, before bending over. “Smell me.”

Andre covered his nose with his arm. “I don’t wanna fuckin’ smell you!”

Gabor grinned. “I wasn’t asking.”

Before Andre could protest, Gabor grabbed him by the head and shoved it forward. Yosik grinned when he saw Andre’s face getting smothered by the seat of Gabor’s foul-smelling pants. The chubby bald man chuckled evilly as he sharted messily on Andre, getting some of the excrement all over his face and nose. All Andre could smell was musk and rotten eggs and enough shit to make an average person vomit or pass out. When Gabor finally let go, Andre jerked his head backwards and started to cough violently. The fat man stood straight up before he sighed heavily and patted his messy rear. Feeling kinky, Gabor did the same as Jon and sat in his mess so he could feel it spread all around his ass and crotch. Yosik continued to observe the smelly spectacle before realizing that he was gonna have to mess himself too. The tall man could already feel the load waiting to be released, and since he was the winner, he had nothing to hold back. So Yosik slowly squatted towards the floor, gritted his teeth, and pushed.

Yosik shat himself so hard and fast that most of it came out in one go. Andre looked at Yosik’s backside and could see that an enormous brown stain had showed up on his pants. Some of the mess was dripping to the floor or running down his legs. Yosik sighed as he felt the warm mess filling up his underwear. It hurt trying to hold it all in for so long, but now that it was out, he felt very relieved. The tan-skinned convict patted the seat of his pants before he released more liquid waste from his ass. Now that the contest was over, Dick (who had semen all over his left hand) unlocked the door and walked inside. The guard was immediately hit with a putrid stench that reminded him of a recently used outhouse. He waved a hand in front of his nose before he looked all around the showers, grinning.

“PHEW!!! You guys know how to stink up a place! I think we’re gonna have to close the showers in this cell block for a few days so we can air it out!”

No one responded. All Dick heard was more flatulence and splorches. He walked around the showers, examining all the prisoners. Rico was struggling not to vomit, Jon was still recovering from his orgasm, Gabor was busy sitting in his mess and wiggling his ass, Andre was on his knees still going, and Yosik was breathing heavily and smiling.

“Well…seems you’re our winner,” said Dick.

Rico panted and sharted his pants. “Get the fuckin’ doctor. I’ve been shittin’ my pants for five minutes straight! This shit ain’t normal!”

Gabor stopped wiggling his ass and sighed. “Stop whining. You should be lucky your ass doesn’t feel like it’s been torn in half.”

Dick chuckled. “You’ll live, Rico. As for you…well, why don’t we discuss your reward in private, hmm?”

Yosik smiled and nodded. The prison guard began to escort Yosik out of the showers, taking the two guards wearing gasmasks with him.

“Let’s start off with getting you cleaned up first. And don’t worry about the sorbitol after effects. I got a fresh set of diapers for you to wear in case you have an accident in your sleep tonight.”

Yosik nodded. “Thank you, sir.”

“What about us?” asked Jon.

As Dick opened the door, he glanced at the four prisoners and blinked. “Oh, you guys. Uh, you’re supposed to be in your cells sleeping. Why the fuck are you up here?”

“You brought us up here!” shouted Rico.

The two gasmask guards escorted Yosik out of the showers to get him cleaned up somewhere else. “I certainly did not. But uh…judging by your current predicament, it smells like you guys need to get yourselves cleaned up. I’ll give you an hour to wash yourselves and sneak back into your cells before I report all of you for breaking out.”


“How are we supposed to clean all this up in an hour?!” asked Jon.

Gabor shrugged. “I think I’ll be fine without a shower. Just give me some new pants, underwear, and socks and we’re good.”

“This shit is illegal!” protested Rico.

Dick blinked. “Okay, you have forty minutes to clean yourselves up.”

“WHAT! That’s impossible; we’re not gonna get rid of the smell in time!” shouted Andre.

“Thirty minutes.”

“You better fuckin’ pray I don’t blab about this to the warden!” threatened Rico.


Rico blinked. “Jon, get the showers started.”

Dick smiled and walked outside the showers. He regrouped with Yosik and the two other guards while the four losers hurriedly started to clean themselves up.

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