Dirty Little Secret – Part 4

Dick Halzworth couldn’t stop fidgeting in his chair. While the chief of security was out running errands with another correctional facility, Dick was left in charge over the guards for the day. He was even granted access to his boss’s office, which he was sitting in right now. Although Dick was doing a good job at maintaining order in prison (short of the small brawl that ensued in the cafeteria) the man wasn’t feeling well. He had been constipated for over four days now and decided to take two laxatives that morning. The effects were starting to kick in, and the guard had been passing gas left and right, unable to find the time to use the bathroom due to all the errands he had to do too. But Dick figured that when he finished speaking with Gabor and telling the convict about his new assignment, he run to the restroom and take a huge shit. Almost sweating, Dick stared at the door until Gabor abruptly opened it and burst in.

“You wanted to see me?”

The security guard huffed. “Don’t you ever knock?”

Gabor shut the door. “Don’t you ever lock your door?”

“I don’t have time for this. Look, I called you in here to tell you that you’re assigned to kitchen duty for the next month. Starting today.”

Gabor frowned. “Are you fucking kidding me?! You know I hate working in the cafeteria, let alone cooking and being surrounded by all that food I can’t eat!”

“It was either this or janitor duty. And you’ve already had to spend the past couple of weeks cleaning out the showers. It’s time for a change.”

“Why do the convicts even have to work in the cafeteria?! Why can’t you fuckin’ guards do it?”

“First of all, working and cooking food will keep some of you distracted from getting into fights or trying to kill another inmate. Second of all, you deserve it. You’ve been bullying other inmates for their dessert, you’ve been soiling the prison by pissing all over the walls, and I’m not even gonna start on what you did with Jimmy.”

Gabor scoffed. “Pfft! That kid needs to stop whining; I told him the smell would go away in two weeks.”

“I thought with everything I’ve been doing for you, you’d start behaving properly and not causing all this ruckus. It’s like giving a mouse a cookie, Gabor!”

“…I’ve been friendlier with that other kid, Jacob.”

“Only because he found out your little secret and both of you share the same interests.”

“And we don’t?”

Dick blinked and ignored him. He tried not to grimace when he felt his stomach grumbling. He needed to speed this up fast.

“Fine, let me put it this way: either work in the cafeteria, or I won’t cover for you and all the dirty things you and some of the other convicts do in their spare time. That also means you won’t be getting any prunes or enemas or laxatives, or fresh underwear. Do you understand?”

Gabor folded his arms and sucked his teeth. “Well, that’s hypocritical of you. After all the dirty things we’ve done together, I figured you have more to lose than I do. …But I’ll be a good boy and do what you’ve asked.”

“Good. Now get out of my office.”

Gabor turned around and started to walk away when he heard a faint sputtering noise. Dick groaned to himself and pressed his left hand against his gut. Gritting his teeth, he fidgeted in his chair again and passed more gas, loud enough for Gabor to hear. The chubby prisoner turned and looked at the muscular security guard with very short blond hair. As he stared at him, he started to grin deviously.

“Ohhhhh…that’s what you meant when you said you ‘don’t have time for this.’ You gotta go to the bathroom, don’t you?”

Dick grumbled and continued to hold his stomach as it growled. Even though the guard’s uniform was all black, he didn’t want his shit to bleed through his underwear and ruin it. He rose from his chair and started to walk towards the door.

“No shit, Gabor. Now get the fuck out of my office!”

Gabor backed away and locked the door. He glanced around the room and noticed that all the blinds were down and closed. That just made everything easier for the prisoner. Fearing he was about to get raped, Dick took out his nightstick.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he growled.

Gabor slowly began to walk towards Dick. “I’ve been nice to you this entire time. I address you as ‘sir’ in public, I thank you for assisting me whenever I shit or piss my pants, and I haven’t even made a joke about your name. Even the guards have made a joke or two about it. But not me. After everything we’ve done together, you’re gonna stand there and threaten to no longer help me, when all I have to do is merely mention all the dirty things we’ve done?”

Dick didn’t know why, but everytime Gabor stepped forward, he backed away. Eventually, the guard reached the desk, and the smelly convict was towering over him, breathing his rank breath in his face. Panicked, Dick swung the nightstick at Gabor, but the convict effortlessly grabbed the stick with his right hand and yanked it out of Dick’s arm.

“If you so much as even try to stick your dick in my mouth, you’re gonna learn what the word ‘penectomy’ means!”

“Relax, Dick. I’m not gonna rape you. …But you do need to be punished, just to make sure we’re back on even terms again. I really do like you, Dick, but you’re just like that punk Jacob. You think that just because you know my secret that you have more to hold over my head. But both of you have secrets just as revolting as mine, and both of you have much more to lose. Some of my friends already know what I’m into, and rumors have already been swirling that I shit myself anyway just to make myself smell worse than I do now.”

Gabor got off Dick and let the guard stand up. He wrapped his arms around his gut again and passed more gas. The shit was almost ready to come out, but Dick held it in, hoping to find a way out of this situation.

“Shit your pants of course! It’ll be just like the old days! Don’t you remember? Squatting beside me and grunting as we both farted and filled our underwear? Don’t you remember that wonderful stench, that vile stench of a recently used outhouse? Don’t you remember jerking me off until I came, and then I did the same to you? It was so much fun, Dick!”

Dick sighed heavily. He hated how one minute Gabor would put on a rape-face, then the next act like a puppy that wanted a treat from its master. Nevertheless, he couldn’t back down.

“Yes…it was. But I’ve changed now, Gabor. I can’t do this with you anymore.”

“Either shit your pants right now or I’ll tell everyone about what we used to do together.”

“Then I’ll tell–“

“Go ahead, I don’t care. I beg you to blab to all the guards about all the messy things I’ve done. So go ahead and do it. Watch what happens.”

Dick was trapped. He knew he couldn’t do anything more. Gabor was right. If the convict blabbed about everything he used to do, he’d be a laughing stock to all the guards as well as the convicts. He was better off taking the risk of ruining his uniform and getting it cleaned. Gabor scratched his chin and came up with another idea.

“Tell ya what: I gotta take a shit too. How’s about we go together, like we used to?”

Dick closed his eyes and sighed heavily. “Okay.”

Gabor smiled widely. “Great!”

Both of them stood in the middle of the room and promptly squatted towards the floor. Then Gabor grabbed Dick’s ass with his left hand, and Dick grabbed Gabor’s ass with his right. Gabor snickered and rubbed the guard’s toned buttocks before he started to speak.

“Now remember: just relax and let your bowels do the work. No one’s watching, so don’t be embarrassed.”

Dick still couldn’t help but blush. “All right.”

“Good! No point in holding it back any longer, so just calm yourself down and we’ll let nature take its course.”

Dick didn’t respond. He just continued to squat and relax. Both men passed gas constantly, letting out deep, sputtering noises that signaled an impending bowel movement. Gabor grunted softly and started to push. He didn’t have to go as bad as Dick, so he was gonna have to push much harder. He let out another short fart before he felt his asshole expanding. It was about to come out. Dick listened as Gabor breathed heavily and grunted. Suddenly, a faint crackling was heard, but it stopped. Gabor grunted and it came back again, this time stronger. Dick felt a warm fart blowing on his hand and knew Gabor was ready. Gritting his teeth, Gabor grunted one final time as his asshole bulged outwards. The popping and crackling intensified immediately, and Gabor started to shit himself. At first Dick felt nothing, but once the rotten stench came about, he knew Gabor was letting out a fat turd. Suddenly, Dick felt a large lump form in the palm of his hand. He leaned back a little and watched as Gabor’s orange pants bulged outwards a bit. There was a faint hiss; Gabor passed silent gas again. Then Gabor grunted and pushed harder, letting out a fat log that coiled around in his underwear, creating a second bulge in the convict’s pants. After that, Gabor let out a few more silent farts that ended with a bit of crackling.

“Whew…not as big as when I was in the showers, but it’ll do,” Gabor panted.

Dick smiled and rubbed the load. It was nice and firm, yet still quite large. Lucky for Gabor, his bowel movement wasn’t runny or muddy, otherwise a stain would’ve appeared on his orange pants. The convict moaned quietly to himself and squeezed his cock, taking pride in the fact that he soiled himself yet again, this time in front of a prison guard. He glanced over at Dick and snickered.

“Your turn!”

“Oh…right,” said the guard, timidly.

Gabor noticed his face turning red and grinned. “Don’t be shy now. Just let it all out.”

Gabor rubbed Dick’s rear end for a moment, as if to comfort him. The guard thought about running to the bathroom in one desperate attempt to make it, but at this point, he physically could not hold it all in. And for one brief moment, he remembered all the kinky and stinky times he shared with Gabor. Dick panted a few times before he inhaled sharply and pushed. Gabor heard a very loud and wet squish, and felt the man’s trousers bulge outwards in various clumps. Before Gabor could say more, his ears were flooded with the sounds of hissing, crackling and popping. Dick was shitting so fast that his pants were slowly bulging more and more. Gabor felt the pants grow warm; the messy shit was bleeding through. Dick let out a wet fart before two giant boulders of shit slid out his anus. The mess had spread around his ass and had gotten his balls dirty too. But Dick just kept going, happy to feel relieved. He grunted loudly and the crackling grew more voluminous. Gabor nearly drooled as he listened to the cacophony, leaning backwards and watching as the bulge in his black pants expanded more and more. They were almost drooping towards the floor. Gabor crouched behind Dick and panted as he felt the bulge with both hands, his cock releasing some pre as he felt the warm shit. Suddenly, there was an enormous and revolting splorch. Dick actually blushed when he heard it; he knew he just messed himself horribly. Gabor took a deep breath before he exhaled and smiled.

“Ahhh, just like old times. Smells just like an outhouse, don’t it? Such and dirty and stinky one too!”

Dick closed his eyes and flared his nostrils a few times. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, the foul stench made him feel content. Gabor actually caught him smiling. The convict leaned over and pressed his nose against Dick’s mess, sniffing a few times.

“PHEW! That sure is a stink! And everyone here keeps whining how much my shit stinks!”

“…You’re not jealous, are you?”

Gabor grinned, knowing part of the Dick he knew and loved still existed. He laughed heartily. “No, of course not. Now, what was it that we usually did after shitting ourselves?”

Dick didn’t have to answer. He got up and walked backwards to a nearby chair and sat down slowly. Gabor and Dick listened as the guard’s mess was flattened beneath his toned (and now dirty) ass. Dick moaned loudly before he rubbed his crotch. It didn’t occur to him up until now that he had to pee. Gabor, of course, wanted more, and growled as he leaned close to Dick and stared at his crotch.

“No need to bottle up your piss either. I’m sure after taking such a huge dump, you gotta take a piss too.”

Dick sighed heavily. “Fuck it. My pants are ruined already.”

And so the guard spread his legs wide and sighed as he began to wet himself. It was hard for Gabor to notice the stain at first, but once the prisoner saw the fluids bleed onto the chair cushion, he knew Dick was pissing his uniform. He listened to the quiet trickling sounds and watched as the warm urine began to spread across his pants as well as the chair. Gabor grabbed Dick’s crotch and gave it a firm squeeze before more piss started to flow. The musky scent began to fill the air, although Dick’s mess was far stronger; the room still reeked of an outhouse. Dick sighed again before a faint hiss was heard. Part of his thighs had gotten wet too, and the puddle on the chair was so large that some of the piss was dripping onto the floor. Gabor listened to the faint trickling sounds and rubbed his crotch briskly, on the verge of jerking off right now and blowing a load in his pants. But he just observed Dick for a little longer, smiling when Dick stopped urinating. He sniffed deeply and exhaled, marveling the odor in the room. Gabor stood up and patted Dick on the head a few times.

“Such a good boy!”

Dick scowled and looked up at Gabor, causing him to stop. “Hehe, right. I just remembered you don’t like being treated like a dog.”

Dick stood back up and looked down at his pants. The urine hadn’t reached his shoes, but the wet stain on his crotch and part of his thighs (not to mention his ass) was clearly visible. Gabor snickered as he looked at the stain.

“I’ll bet that’s gonna be hard to hide.”

“Well…I’m wearing black, so that helps.”

“Yeah, but you can’t cover that giant mess you have in the seat of your pants.”

Dick’s eyes grew wide. He quickly felt the back of his pants and swore under his breath. When he looked at his hands again, he noticed they were partially brown on the palms.

“Gonna take a long time for you to get that clean!”

Dick stammered. “What about you, huh?! You shat your pants too!”

“What, this?” said Gabor, turning around. “This is nothing compared to what happened that day me and Jacob were in that cell. All I gotta do is head to the bathroom, scoop this out with toilet paper, and flush it down the toilet. A lot of my underwear have skid marks anyways; what’s a few more gonna hurt? You on the other hand…it looked like someone stuffed a grapefruit in your underwear. And on top of all that, you just sat in it and spread it all over your pants.”

Gabor just had to laugh when he saw the shocked and embarrassed look on Dick’s face. With how much of a mess he made, his chances of no one finding out that he messed or peed himself were very low.

“Oh yeah, you might wanna wipe up that puddle on the chair too.”

“You’re helping me clean this up!” demanded Dick.

Gabor glanced up at the clock and inhaled sharply. “Damn! Gee, I’d love to, but it’s almost time for lunch. And you just assigned me kitchen duty for the whole month. I can’t disobey your orders, now can I?”

Dick stammered again, unsure of what to say. In the end, his left eye just quivered in anger. The guard finally understood what Gabor meant by “punishing him.” Gabor laughed to himself before he turned around and began to walk away.

“Have fun getting those stains out!”

Gabor unlocked the door, walked out of the office, and shut the door. Dick just remained where he was, alone in the funky office with a uniform full of shit and piss.


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