Dirty Little Secret – Part 3

The day was finally here. After waiting impatiently for almost a week now, Jacob was finally gonna be able to see Gabor make a huge mess in his trousers. The week had gone by quite smoothly for the snarky prisoner. Gabor stopped bullying him and trying to steal his desserts and the chubby convict hadn’t even threatened to show Jacob how he got his nickname. Jacob didn’t want to push his luck, so he put on his best behavior until he finally saw Jacob again. He didn’t even call the guards mall cops or bait other prisoners into attacking him. The only people he still remained cynical to were his friends, and that was only so they wouldn’t get suspicious. Jacob sometimes lied awake at night, unable to sleep due to the throbbing erection in his pants. He lost count of how many times he jerked off while Masheer was sleeping. Truthfully, Jacob was starting to daydream about him too. He wasn’t as fat as Gabor, but he was still a bulky, huge man with a nice, toned ass. Seeing that skid mark the other day drove Jacob wild, and he was hoping the Pakistani would shit himself by accident too that week. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

But after waiting for so long, Gabor tapped Jacob on the shoulder and whispered something in his ear during lunch. Gabor told him to meet him in one of the cells in his section of prison so they could “be dirty.” Jacob kept a straight face, and tried to hide the boner that formed in his pants. A few convicts joked that Jacob was Gabor’s new personal bitch, but the young convict just gave them his typical condescending snarky replies. Right now Jacob was sitting on the bottom bunk in a vacant cell, waiting for Gabor to come by. Eventually, there was a loud buzz, and the prison door slid open. The smelly, pudgy prisoner slowly walked into his cell with a malicious smile on his face. The guard standing behind him just nodded and tried not to smile.

“You two have fun.”

Afterwards, another buzz was heard, and the cell door slid shut. Gabor went over to the bed sheet he stashed on the top bunk and took a thumbtack out his pocket. He hung the top-left corner of the bed sheet on the top-left corner of the cell and pinned the sheet to the wall. A small hole had already been made just big enough for a pin to slip through, so the thumbtack went in with ease. Afterwards, he let the bed sheet drop so it covered the cell door from the inside, and used his other thumbtack to pin the bottom-right corner of the sheet to the bottom-right part of the cell. He did the same with the other two corners just in case. Jacob could see what Gabor had done and chuckled.

“How smart of you, making sure the guards can’t see what we do in here.”

Gabor snarled. “Shut the fuck up. I don’t need any of your goddamn snappy comments today.”

Jacob nodded. “You’re right…I’ll stop.”

Gabor slowly walked over to Jacob and sighed before he placed his right hand on his bulging gut and began to rub it. Jacob leaned forward a little, listening to the pudge as the juices inside grumbled and churned. Then Gabor let out a soft, sputtering fart and exhaled.

“Who was that guard?”

Gabor grinned. “Don’t worry ’bout him. He’s just an old friend of mine. He used to shit his pants a lot too, especially with me. You can trust him.”


Afterwards, Gabor groaned and patted his gut. His bowels wouldn’t wait any longer. He started to turn around and squat.

“Wait! Wait a second.”

The smelly convict grumbled. “What?!”

“…Take off your clothes.”

Gabor slowly smiled smugly. “As you wish.”

Standing very close to Jacob, Gabor slowly removed his shirt, pulling it over his head so he could reveal his fat, hairy belly. Jacob stared at the pudge, amazed at all the hair going up the center of his gut (not to mention the hair plastered around his belly-button). Jacob stared at the belly, noticing it was bulging past the waistband of his orange prison trousers. Gabor exhaled and started to rub his stomach and pick his belly-button, removing some of the lint from it. Jacob’s cock began to lengthen and stiffen. Gabor bent down and undid his shoes’ laces before slowly taking them off and sliding them next to the cell door. The rank smell of his socked feet was beginning to fill the cell; Jacob’s nose twitched and he tried not to cough. Gabor grinned before he leaned down and started to taunt Jacob.

“Aww, what’s wrong? Do my feet smell?”

Jacob immediately turned his head and scowled. “Forget about your stinky socks; your breath is what’s bothering me.”

Jacob yelped when Gabor grabbed him by his shirt collar and snatched him forward. Gabor growled deeply as he stared into Jacob’s eyes.

“I don’t care if my breath smells like a donkey’s ass. You’re gonna sit there and fuckin’ deal with it!”

Gabor shoved Jacob backwards again, almost knocking the prisoner’s head against the wall. Gabor scoffed.

“Perhaps we should cancel this session. There’s a perfectly good toilet right there, and it feels like I’m about to shit out a bowling ball. Maybe I should just use–“

“NO! No. …I’m sorry…I’ll stop, okay?”

Gabor blinked and started to smile. Then he patted Jacob’s head a few times as though he were a puppy. “That’s a good boy.”

Gabor eventually unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and he slowly let them fall to the floor. He kicked them next to his shoes and growled as he rubbed his gut again, showing off his musky, hairy body to the younger man. The heavyset convict was wearing tight white boxer-briefs that showed off his package and fat ass quite well. Jacob grabbed his erection through his pants and exhaled softly. His heart was beating excruciatingly fast. He had never been this excited in prison before. That’s when Gabor let out another nasty fart and groaned loudly to himself. He couldn’t wait any longer. The musky, hairy man turned around and bent over so his massive rump was pointing in Jacob’s face. Jacob could practically feel the heat emanating from Gabor’s rump (or perhaps it was just more gas?) Gabor grunted and tried to pass gas, but what came out was quite wet. Jacob’s eyes grew wide when he saw a thin line of brown shit come out of Gabor’s ass and stain his underwear. The light brown stain quickly moved down Gabor’s boxer-briefs and began to leak; he just sharted himself a little.

“URGH! Now boy…this is your final warning. We’re not talking about a load the size of an orange or a grapefruit. We’re talking about a goddamn mudslide. The smell’s gonna fill this room quickly, and we’re in a small cell with no windows or A/C. I’ve been holding it in for an entire week now, and been eating prunes just to help it come out faster. I can’t even begin to describe how thick the stench is gonna be. If you ain’t prepared for that, you need to call the guard and get your ass out of this cell right now.”

Jacob blinked. He didn’t come this far just to be denied his one true fantasy. He wasn’t gonna let his nose get in the way.

“I’ll be fine.”

Gabor chuckled. “Good, cause I can’t hold it anymore!”

Jacob stared at Gabor’s underwear without even blinking. Gabor breathed heavily several times before he gritted his teeth and finally pushed. Jacob heard a few nasty farts come out of Gabor’s smelly ass; more blotches of brown shit began to appear all over the underwear. Suddenly, Gabor released a bubbly, squishy fart that left a huge circular stain on the man’s boxer-briefs. Not even a second later, they bulged outwards with a nasty squelch. Gabor just released a firm yet wet glob of shit that was the size of a tangerine. Small bits of shit were spread around his underwear, and diarrhea-like waste was scattered across the foul-smelling boxer-briefs.

“Ooooooohhh…fuck,” muttered Gabor.

He panted and shook his large rump at Jacob, causing the glob of shit to finally detach itself from his ass. It plopped down in the boxer-briefs, causing them to droop a little. Jacob, despite having an erection and leaking precum into his underwear, was a bit disappointed. He was expecting a mudslide, and all he got was a wet tangerine-sized dump. But Gabor wasn’t finished yet. In fact, he was only a third of the way done. Gabor felt severe pain in his bowels and saw no point in trying to bottle up his shit any longer. He grunted, leaned forward, and continued to fill his boxer-briefs. Jacob saw the seat of his underwear turn brown quite fast. Another wet stain had appeared, and the hot shit was spreading around the boxer-briefs with no signs of stopping. That’s when Gabor started to let out more bubbly, squishy flatulence that sounded horrible. The gas bubbles popped and released a sickening watery sound that could make someone gag. Jacob saw the underwear drooping even more. He leaned forward and took a small whiff, noticing the boxer-briefs had the stench of rotten eggs to it.

Gabor stopped and huffed twice. He squatted a little and placed his hands on his knees, grinning to himself. Then he let out another supply of muddy cow-like shit, which was beginning to show. Jacob moaned as he listened to the grotesque flatulence and he even saw the muddy excrement filling up the underwear. The entire seat of Gabor’s underwear was brown and sagging like a dirty diaper. The convict pushed again, and this time his ass exploded. His underwear drooped even lower to the floor, and some of the shit, having nowhere else to go, was forced out of Gabor’s underwear. The muddy slop plopped on the floor or ran down the back of Gabor’s legs. Gabor moaned as he felt the shit spreading around his boxer-briefs. His ass, testicles, and part of his dick was drenched in the slop. The man sniffed the air deeply and growled with joy. He had created such a wonderful stench, all of which was mixed with the odor of his smelly feet and body odor.

Jacob could see Gabor wasn’t bluffing about the smell. The odor in the cell was so thick his entire body became warm. His nose was buried in the renowned odor of rotten eggs and a smelly, unhygienic man. Gabor moaned again as he released a few more muffled farts, followed by another torrent of stinky shit. More slop rolled down the back of Gabor’s legs, staining his dirty socks as well as the floor. Jacob looked at Gabor’s shitty underwear and noticed half of the boxer-briefs were brown. It looked like someone dumped an entire bowl of light brown pudding down his trousers. The large glob of shit Gabor initially let out was no longer visible. It must’ve been crushed under all the shit or mixed in with it. This mess was just as bad (if not worse than) the messing Jacob witnessed when he spied on Gabor in the showers. He had no idea one man could be so dirty and smelly in only a few minutes. Hardly any time passed at all.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, so stinky! WHEW!”

Gabor simply glided his left hand across his boxer-briefs. When he removed it and looked at his palm, he noticed it was completely coated in runny, light brown excrement. He rubbed the mess against the front part of his underwear and moaned again.

“So dirty…so much shit. Fuck…so much…” he moaned.

Gabor glanced over his shoulder to see how Jacob was doing. The man was furiously masturbating with his pants still on, panting and huffing as he choked his thick cock. Gabor grinned and shook his nasty rump, causing more shit to drip from it.

“Yes, you like this, don’t you boy?”

Gabor grabbed the seat of his underwear with his left hand and pressed down. He wound up pushing out a small amount of shit, which fell to the floor with a huge splat.

“Yeah…fuckin’ messed my undies and all you can do it sit there and fap to it…such a filthy, disgusting man you are.”

Jacob couldn’t ignore him, but at the same time, he didn’t want to. The man’s deep yet soothing voice just made it easier for him to beat off. He was already close to blowing and he had only been fapping for a minute. Gabor sniffed the air deeply and groaned with disgust.

“PHEW! Smell that air, boy! Ain’t it revolting?! …Heh, you don’t care. This nasty-ass stench only makes you harder, don’t it?”

Jacob didn’t listen; he only jerked off faster. Gabor, knowing how to finally make the man come, snickered to himself. While grinning, Gabor slowly sat down on the floor, causing his shit to squish violently and spread all over his underwear. There was so much inside that some poked out over the waistband and plopped on the floor.



Gabor didn’t need to turn around. He knew Jacob just creamed his pants big time. Jacob could feel the semen squirting out of his cock, staining his underwear and pants. The younger convict panted and breathed heavily as he felt the spooge sliding down his hand and fingers. Gabor turned around and grinned as he stared at the man and the huge stain on his orange pants.

“Hehehe, looks like you made a mess too, boy.”

Jacob slowly removed his hand from his pants before he started to blush. He wiped his hand clean on the mattress he sat on before he saw Gabor stand up and approach him. The messy prisoner clutched his dirty boxer-briefs and gave them a nice squeeze, cherishing the warm shit as it plopped to the floor and spread further around his scrotum and buttocks.

“Yes…now it’s my turn.”

Gabor pulled his huge, thick cock out of his underwear and pointed it at Jacob. Grinning, the chubby man started to stroke his meaty shaft, growling to himself. Jacob started to scoot away, not wanting to get come all over his outfit. But Gabor just moved forward and kept stroking his thick cock. Jacob felt like he was paralyzed. All he could do was sit still and watch the man masturbate right in front of him. He flared his nostrils a few times, getting another dose of the abhorrent stench that had filled the cell. Gabor did the same shortly before he used his other hand to press down on his muddy load.

“Dirty, smelly boy…that’s it…”

Gabor growled like a wild animal and started to jerk off faster and faster. Jacob remained still, even after seeing some of the precum slither down Gabor’s hand. Gabor kept squishing his load and moaning and growling to himself until he squeezed his dick hard and started to slow down. Gabor grunted once and released part of his load. Then he growled vocally and came all over Jacob. The man glanced down at his shirt and watched as various streams of the sticky come lightly splattered all over his pants and shirt. Gabor hadn’t masturbated in quite some time; his load was very thick and copious. Jacob merely blinked and glanced back up at Gabor’s cock, which was still dripping with semen. Like last time, he just wiped up the last bit of semen coming out his dick on his hand and licked it off. Then he stuffed his cock back in his underwear and sighed.

“Whew…goddamn, I feel much better! Haven’t taken a shit that big in a while.”


Gabor looked at Jacob and noticed that he was shaking a little. He stared blankly ahead, not paying any particular attention to Gabor.

“You all right boy?”

“I just…didn’t…is it okay that we do this? I mean…y’know…”

Jacob must’ve been in some sort of shock, disgusted at himself for what he just jerked off to. “Oh. Relax, boy. You’re just surprised someone out there’s actually willing to do it with you for fun.”

“But it…it just seems…”

“Dirty?” said Gabor, with a sly grin on his face.

Jacob looked up at him and blinked. “Yeah.”

Gabor sighed and walked over to his dropped pants and began to put them on. “That’s kinda the point. I’m not real sure why I get off to this kind of stuff. …I used to shit myself on purpose a lot when I was a kid, and my parents found out a couple times. Guess it just stuck with me. If I were you, I wouldn’t ask why. Watching other people piss or shit themselves makes you hard.” Gabor shrugged. “End of story.”

“Yeah…I guess.”

Jacob suddenly snapped out of his trance when he heard Gabor’s underwear squish again. The man’s pants were finally back up, and the seat of them were getting ruined as well from all the sloppy shit. Gabor didn’t seem to care that he still had shit all over his socks and the back of his legs. He casually put his black shoes back on when Jacob looked down at his shirt.

“Wait! What the hell am I supposed to do about this?!”

Gabor snickered. “I don’t give a shit! Why are you complainin’? You’re not the one with a bowl of chocolate pudding stuffed down your pants.”

“But if anyone sees me and realizes we were both in the same cell before I got this stain, they might think…”

Gabor put on his shirt and snickered again before taking down the bed sheet covering the cell. “That’s your problem.”

Gabor whistled and the guard buzzed the gate open. The second the guard stepped towards the cell, he backed away and started to cough. Gabor stepped outside, walking awkwardly as he dragged all the shit around his underwear.

“Goddamnit, Gabor! You’re not doing this anymore without a can of Febreze!”

“Like that’s really gonna help.”

The guard sighed and rolled his eyes. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up before anyone sees or smells you.”

As the guard and convict began to walk away, the guard glanced inside the cell and noticed Jacob was still there.

“Are you coming or what?”

Jacob blinked and looked up at the guard, half-smiling. Finally, after all this time, he finally got what he wanted. With any luck, he’d end up being friends with Gabor in another month or two. Of course, they still had to keep quiet. They had to be very careful with what they did, or else their secret would be out. If anything, Jacob was more nervous about the security guard. Who else in the prison knew Gabor’s little secret? More importantly, were there other convicts who liked to get dirty too? More questions began to swarm his mind, but Jacob blocked most of them out. He was just gonna deal with one thing at a time and worry about everything else later. First and foremost, he needed to change his clothes.

“Yeah, I’ll be right out.”

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  1. Oh my goodness! Wow. Sounds like it’s more than a can of febreze thats needed. Lol…Can’t wait for more.

  2. Agreed, there needs to be more to this, especially with the guard. You can’t drop a detail like that in the story and not follow up on it. 🙂

    I’ve been checking every day for new installments of this story… can’t wait for the next one!

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  4. Great series, I to want to read more about men in uniforms making them dirty and wet

  5. The gaurd needs to be restrained by Gabor and shits his pants for Jacob and Gabor. Have the guard in tears as he stacks a load in the seat of his uniform slacks and underpants

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