Dirty Little Secret – Part 2

As Jacob lied down on the bottom-bunk in his cell, he thought for a while about Gabor. He just couldn’t stop obsessing about it. Jacob had actually seen Gabor, his arch-nemesis, pissing and shitting himself like it was nothing. Then the chubby prisoner just sat in his mess and began to jerk off until he came, while still wearing his trousers. He had no idea Gabor could be so dirty. And for that matter, Jacob didn’t think he could get off to something so revolting. But he did…twice. Even now as the young prisoner lied down on the bunk bed, he had an erection forming in his pants. He glanced down at his orange trousers and started to pant. He played the image over and over again in his mind: Gabor farting, squatting towards the floor, unloading a huge amount of shit into his pants and making them sag. He could practically smell Gabor’s shitty pants as he thought about it. He even heard the infamous flatulent noises. At least, that what he thought. In reality, the smell and noises were coming from his cell mate, Masheer Faseed. Jacob stopped thinking about Gabor and quietly turned over on his bunk bed, where he saw the South Asian man sitting on the toilet holding his stomach and groaning. It was dark in the cell so Jacob couldn’t see much, but he could definitely hear (and smell) what the man was doing.

“Fuckin’ lunch meat…”

Masheer groaned before he let out a series of nasty, sloppy farts into the silver toilet. Jacob could hear disgusting plops and splashing; the man must’ve had diarrhea. Masheer let go of his stomach and pushed hard, resulting in another series of revolting flatulence and gag-inducing splashing. Masheer couldn’t help but sigh with relief as his bowels were emptied. Jacob’s nose twitched as the cell was filled with the foul odor of rotten eggs. He hadn’t smelled a dump this bad in months. Jacob heard another thick splash and knew a large portion of the muddy excrement just splashed into the porcelain, making the toilet bowl even messier than before. The man grunted again and pushed out a little more, but the flatulence seemed to be dying down. Jacob’s boner, however, was still bulging against his pants and leaking out precum. He knew Masheer wasn’t going in his pants, but just the thought of the man squatting like Gabor did and messing his pants big time made him rock hard. Even now, just the stench of Masheer’s diarrhea was making him horny. Jacob was starting to wonder if he just liked it when other men take a shit in general, whether or not their pants were still on. Something told Jacob that if he caught Masheer squatting in a nice patch of grass and coating it with excrement, he’d end up running to the bathroom and jerking off again.

Masheer finished shitting in the toilet and exhaled with much relief. Still not fully accustomed to using toilet paper, Masheer turned on the faucet, got his left hand wet, and proceeded to wipe his ass with it. He wiped it a few times before he pulled his underwear back up, flushed the toilet, and washed his hands. Jacob stared at Masheer’s backside as he walked over to the other side of the bunk-bed and hauled himself onto the top mattress. There was a long, noticeable skid mark on his boxer-briefs; he must’ve sharted himself before he took a dump. That or he didn’t wipe his ass thoroughly. Masheer didn’t seem to care; he just threw his body on the top bunk and started to go back to sleep. When Jacob could hear the burly man snoring softly, he put his hand down his pants again…


“Gimme your brownies.”

It was right on cue, just as Jacob predicted. Everyone was eating lunch in the large lunchroom. The smelly, oversized prisoner was standing behind Jacob again, bullying him so he could take the man’s dessert. Of course, since Jacob knew what was gonna happen, he didn’t show any fear. He just remained seated and smiled smugly. Gabor, gettin impatient, demanded to have the dessert once again.

“Seems like you need your ears cleaned. I said gimme your brownies.”

One of the guards was already creeping over to Gabor and Jacob, already sensing trouble brewing.

“Just give him the fuckin’ brownies, Jake. We don’t have time for this shit today,” said Masheer.

Jacob thought about giving a snarky reply about the shit-stain he spotted on Masheer’s underwear last night. But Masheer was one of the convicts he was actually friends with. And like Gabor, he didn’t want to get on his bad side, since he knew that meant rape or getting his throat slashed. Instead of teasing Masheer, he decided to attack Gabor. The young man spun around in his seat and looked up at Gabor, still smiling smugly. He picked up and brownie and sighed heavily before he opened his mouth and slowly bit the dessert in half.

“I don’t think so.”

Gabor scoffed and grinned. “We’ve gone through this a thousand times. I ask for your dessert. You give it to me. End of story.”

“Mmmmm…no. I’m sorry, Gabor, but dirty boys don’t get treats. You should be punished.”

The look on Gabor’s face almost made Jacob laugh out loud. His eyes grew wide and his right eye started to twitch a little.

“What did you say to me?” growled Gabor, his teeth clenched together.

“You’ve been naughty, Gabor. I don’t think you deserve this delicious brownie.”

Gabor just stared at the young man as he shoved the rest of the brownie into his mouth and chewed it slowly. Gabor’s eye twitched again and he made a fist with his left hand. He dug his nails so deep against the skin that blood almost started to come out. The guard, sensing tension amongst Gabor and Jacob, hurried over to where they stood.

“Get back–“

“We’re fine, mall guard. There’s no problem here.”

There was no point in bothering with the man. The guard retreated back to his post, no longer caring if Gabor wound up castrating him one day. Jacob continued to stare at the speechless, agitated Gabor, still smiling smugly and waiting for the bulky, fat prisoner to do something.

“If you like I can share just how…’dirty’ you’ve been, Gabor. Or perhaps you could just go back to your seat. With all the grease and fat you shovel down your throat, I don’t think you need these brownies anyway.”

Gabor un-balled his fist and growled without opening his mouth. He blinked before he slowly turned around and walked back to his seat. Jacob spun back around, snickering to himself as he continued to eat his food.

“What was that all about?” asked Masheer.

Jacob put on the most innocent face he could. “No idea!”


Later that day, when everyone was outside lifting weights, playing basketball and exercising, Jacob saw Gabor slowly entered the prison complex, holding his stomach. Jacob grinned widely, knowing what the convict was about to do. Pretending to have diarrhea again, Jacob begged the prison guard to let him back inside. Afterwards, Jacob started to run down the halls, hoping he didn’t miss his chance already. But he was in luck, he could already hear Gabor moaning to himself and grunting. The second he heard the fat man pass gas, Jacob acquired a thick erection.

“Yesssss…dirty boy…”

Jacob crept over towards the bathroom and noticed the sounds were getting louder and louder. He wasn’t cleaning the showers today, but the prisoner clearly had some stomach issues. Gabor let out a fart so loud Jacob smelled it the second it left Gabor’s hairy, dirty ass. The convict moaned again and sighed. Jacob knew he was about to soil himself. Too horny to care about getting caught, Jacob stuck his head into the bathroom. And then frowned when Gabor appeared from the wall he was hiding behind inside. His large hand covered Jacob’s face as he grabbed him, snarled, and threw his body against one of the stalls. Jacob grunted after his back slammed against the stall and fell down. He shook his head and looked up at Gabor. His pants were dry, and except for the two times Gabor passed gas, the air smelled relatively clean. That’s when Jacob noticed a ghastly-looking knife in the prisoner’s right hand. He wasn’t shitting himself at all. He was only pretending so he could lure Jacob out of hiding. Before the young convict could even get back up, Gabor snarled again and grabbed him by his hair.

Jacob shouted in protest as the man dragged him into one of the stalls, slammed him against the toilet, and put the blade against Jacob’s throat. Jacob whined twice as Gabor covered his mouth with his other hand. Jacob couldn’t move; Gabor was using his entire body to pin Jacob against the toilet’s tank.

“What do you know? Who did you tell?!”

Jacob had never seen Gabor this furious before. He had spittle on his bottom lip, he was snorting like a bull, and his teeth were ground together. The young convict could practically see the fury burning in the older man’s eyes. Jacob could smell Gabor’s foul breath as he growled and started to speak again.

“You little rat. Forget you finding out why people ’round here call me ‘Shaft.’ How’s ’bout I take this knife and stick it in your ass instead? Then you’ll find out what it means to be a dirty boy when you’re shitting out blood for the next two weeks!”

Gabor removed his left hand for only a few seconds. Jacob, like the weasel he was, used those seconds to his advantage.

“If you kill me everyone will know your secret!”

Gabor was just about to take off Jacob’s pants when he spoke. “What?”

Panting, Jacob started to think up the biggest bluff he could. “You-you think I’d keep information like this to myself? I…I told someone, a good friend of mine–a friend who can keep secrets unless I tell him otherwise! I told him that if an unfortunate ‘accident’ were to happen to me, then he can scream to the whole facility how you get your rocks off!”

Gabor stared at Jacob with wide eyes again. “You’re bluffing.”

Jacob grinned and started to chuckle, almost in a disturbing, psychotic way. “Then kill me. All you’ll be doing is throwing more jail time on your sentence. That means you get to spend several more years locked away in here, and everyone will mock you and see you as nothing more than a man who needs diapers!”

The only good quality about Jacob was his mouth. This hadn’t been the first time he lied himself out of death or rape, and it surely wouldn’t be the last. But Gabor wasn’t bright enough to tell if Jacob was lying or not, which he was. He couldn’t risk anyone finding out about his secret, at least not anyone who already knew. Gabor growled after thinking for a while and put his knife away. Obviously Jacob wanted to propose some kind of deal.

“…How do we settle this?”

“For starters, stop taking all my fuckin’ brownies.”

“You’re not doing all this just ’cause you’re pissed over some dessert. There’s gotta be some other reason.”

“I…I want you to…soil yourself for me. And piss yourself too. Great, big, stinky loads. I-I want you to flood your pants…in front of me.”

Gabor stared at the blushing young convict before he grinned widely and showed off his ugly teeth. He tapped Jacob on the nose three times with the tip of his blade before he giggled.

“Ain’t that some hypocritical bullshit. You’re threatening to ruin my reputation by squealing how I like to shit myself for fun, yet you want me to do it in front of you so you got something to fap to. I bet my buddies will enjoy hearing about this.”

“If you tell them, then I’ll tell my friends that you’re the one who shits yourself!”

Gabor shrugged. “Fine. Difference ‘tween me and you is that eventually, I’ll get my reputation back. May have to shank a few people here and there, but eventually, no one will care. Besides, with how much I stink people probably already think I do it anyway just ’cause I can. You on the other hand…all you’re good at is running your mouth. And everyone knows that. You don’t even have a reputation in here; if I tell everyone about your little secret, then you’ll be at the very bottom of the food chain.”

Jacob clearly hadn’t thought this through. He should’ve known all this long before he approached Gabor. But Jacob was so obsessed with seeing the man piss or shit himself again that he rushed things, unaware of all the consequences. Gabor put his knife away and chuckled to himself, his stomach wobbling as he laughed.

“Don’t worry…I’ll play your little game. I’ll shit and piss myself in front of you as much as you want. Starting now.”

Gabor backed away from Jacob and rubbed his crotch. He exhaled twice before he spread his legs and let go of his groin. Moments later, a tiny wet spot appeared on the smelly convict’s pants. Immediately afterwards, the spot began to spread all around his groin. Gabor grinned as he pissed his pants in front of Jacob, cherishing the warm feeling around his dick. Jacob started to get hard as the stain rapidly spread in all directions. His groin was completely dark now and the fluids were starting to slide down Gabor’s legs. His crotch was so wet that the piss began to bleed through. Jacob moaned quietly as the musky, yellow fluids dripped towards the floor, creating a soft splattering sound. Gabor pissed himself some more, and the dripping noise increased instantly. The urine had spread across his legs now and some of it had reached his black boots and were dripping onto his smelly socks. Gabor looked down and rubbed his crotch some, getting the musky urine all over his hand. Then the downpour suddenly stopped, and the dripping began to cease. Gabor sighed with much relief before he rubbed more piss against his legs.

“There…much better. I’ve been holding that shit in since this morning.”

Jacob started to pant and grabbed his boner through his pants, expecting for the mudslide to start. But Gabor just snickered.

“Unfortunately, I don’t gotta shit yet. Guess you’re just gonna have to wait until that day comes. Until then, you can have this small treat.”

Jacob raised an eyebrow. “Treat?”

Before Jacob could even move, Gabor grabbed the back of his head and shoved it towards his wet groin. Gabor quickly turned around so his chubby buttocks were pressed against Jacob’s nose. The older convict ripped a huge, smelly fart before he let go of Jacob’s head and started to howl with laughter. Jacob coughed and fanned the stench away whilst Gabor casually walked out the bathroom. Jacob got over the smell quickly and started to stroke his shaft, but then he stopped. Sure, he knew Gabor’s secret, but Gabor knew his too. And neither convict was trustworthy; either of them could stab the other in the back at any moment. Would Gabor hold his end of the deal, or tell the whole prison Jacob’s little secret? Jacob could easily retaliate and tell everyone Gabor’s secret, but he’d end up getting killed or ass-raped.

Jacob was gonna have to be very carefully for the next few weeks…

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