Dirty Little Secret – Part 1

“Gimme your brownies.”

Jacob didn’t even have to look over his shoulder or turn around. He could already tell by the smell that Gabor was standing behind him. Jacob knew he should just pick up his dessert, slowly place it over his shoulder, and hand it over to the prisoner who was much taller and wider than he was, but he wasn’t in a good mood today. He was already pissed at Gabor for towel snapping him when he got out the shower, let alone dumping a bottle of piss on him and forcing him to shower yet again. Quite frankly, the young, slightly overweight prisoner felt like jerking around and breaking Gabor’s nose. But then he’d end up in solitary confinement, and the second he got out, he’d find Gabor waiting in his cell, or some dark sector of the prison facility. And as tacky as Gabor’s nickname was, Jacob really did not want to find out why many people called him “Shaft.” Jacob just remained still and continued eating his lunch, ignoring the giant man hovering over him. Gabor stepped a little closer to the man, almost to the point Jacob could feel his massive belly pressing against his back.

“I said, gimme your brownies.”

Jacob looked down at his tray and blinked. There was only one brownie present. Being the smart-ass that he was, he felt he needed to give Gabor a snarky reply.

“Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to count. Last time I checked, there’s only one brownie on my tray. And while you’re there, you can look up the word ‘hygiene.'”

The second Jacob felt Gabor’s meaty hand on his shoulder, he knew this wouldn’t end well. The bulky prisoner spun Jacob around in his seat so the two men were staring at each other. Jacob glanced up at the bald-headed, light-skinned prisoner. Like everyone else, he was wearing an orange prison uniform and black boots. Gabor had a crude tattoo on both of his arms; they were snakes as far as Jacob could tell. There was a nasty scar on Gabor’s thick neck and cheek. But most importantly, there was that musky smell. Jacob wasn’t even sure if Gabor showered anymore. He always smelled like some filthy animal in desperate need of a bath. But as much as Jacob hated to admit it, that sweaty, musky odor was enticing. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t get hard just by getting a few whiffs of Gabor’s scent. Erasing any perverted images from his mind that were never gonna happen, Jacob glanced at Gabor’s right hand and noticed it was a fist. One of the prison guards could see trouble was about to start and hastily walked over to them.

“Hey! Get back to your table, Gabor! We don’t have time for this shit today!”

Gabor smiled smugly, showing off a few teeth that had been chipped in various fist-fights. “Relax, boss. I’m just having a friendly conversation with Jacob here. Ain’t that right?”

Jacob looked up at the chubby prisoner’s wicked smile. He could easily tell the guard the truth, but again, he’d end up finding out why Gabor’s nickname was “Shaft.”

The guard in black uniform glanced over at Jacob and scowled. Everyone in prison knew Jacob was all talk, no walk. Even the guards hated his stuck-up attitude, and were praying that one day he’d be found in the shower, beaten to a bloody pulp with an ass full of come. But as guards, they couldn’t let that happen. The guard who spoke to Gabor said nothing to Jacob and walked away. He couldn’t knock out the prisoner’s teeth with his nightstick, even though he desperately wanted to. After the guard went away, Jacob and Gabor continued to speak.

“I’m asking you nicely, boy. Hand over that brownie of yours, and those cookies while you’re at it.”

Jacob continued to think about his choices. He could either try to beat Gabor to a pulp and end up getting raped later, or he could succumb to Gabor’s demands and give him the brownie. Of course, tomorrow it would be his brownie and his jell-o. And the next day it’d be his whole lunch. By the end of the month Jacob would be Gabor’s personal bitch. He couldn’t have that. He needed to find a way to get back at Gabor.

“I don’t think you need my dessert. With how fat your ass is, you could probably snap someone’s spine just by sitting on their back.”

Gabor snarled and stared directly into Jacob’s eyes. They were so close together that Gabor’s nose was almost touching Jacob’s. The young man could smell Gabor’s nasty breath as he began to speak.

“Perhaps I should show you why my nickname is ‘Shaft.’ I’m sure you’d enjoy that.”

Jacob’s eyes grew wide as Gabor grabbed his crotch and squeezed hard. Gabor grinned as he groped Jacob’s package through his pants.

“I know I would.”

“Hey, ease up buddy! He’s not…”

The prisoner trying to come to Jacob’s defense shut up the second Gabor glanced over at him with a menacing scowl on his face. He quickly went back to eating his lunch, while Gabor kept harassing Jacob.

“Now this is your last chance: I want your fuckin’ dessert.”

Jacob didn’t feel like getting ass-raped today. He gave in to Gabor and slowly placed his cookies and the brownie in his left hand.

“There’s a good boy!”

Jacob watched as the musky fat prisoner walked away, stuffing the chocolate brownie down his mouth. Gritting his teeth, Jacob realized that he had to put an end to Gabor’s bullying, and soon.


A few hours later, Jacob was walking down the corridor of the prison, following Gabor very closely. Everyone was outside lifting weights or playing basketball, but Gabor had to stay inside to clean up some of the showers. The guards weren’t too happy that Gabor was the one who was constantly pelting them with his own balls of shit. Jacob, feigning the stomach flu, begged one of the guards to let him inside so he didn’t shit himself. Lucky for him, the guard wasn’t as cold-hearted as some of the others, and let Jacob back inside the prison. Now was the perfect time to strike. Jacob had a crude, yet effective lead pipe stuffed down his orange pants. All he had to do was creep behind the guy and whack him a few times in the skull. With any luck, the prisoner would suffer brain damage and forget who Jacob was. The young prisoner crept to the shower and peeked over the wall, where he saw Gabor mopping up the floor. At least, he was at first. But then Gabor put the mop aside and started to growl deeply. His back was turned; Jacob could waltz right in and bash him on the head. It would be quick and simple. But just when Jacob was about to walk in, he heard the fat prisoner moan.

“Yeah, that’s it…damn, I gotta piss!”

Being the pervert that he was, Jacob continued to stare at Gabor from behind the wall. Still peeking inside, Jacob watched as Gabor spread his legs and began to breathe heavily. Then he let out a long sigh and began to relax. Jacob waited for a brief moment, but he didn’t see any urine splattering on the floor. But Gabor wasn’t pissing on the shower floor. He was pissing his pants. Jacob saw the yellow fluids eventually dripping from Gabor’s pants, but a large stain had also showed on his legs. The man was peeing so hard and fast that the stain had reached his scrotum and ass. Jacob’s eyes grew wide as he heard Gabor moan again. More piss was dripping from the convict’s wet pants; Gabor grasped his groin with his right hand and started to rub his wet crotch.

“Feels so good…” he moaned.

Gabor looked down and noticed his piss had reached his shoes. He lifted his left leg and shook some of the pee off his boot before doing the same thing with his right one. The convict let out some more piss, which hissed quite loudly, before he sighed one last time and finally finished. At least, that’s what Jacob thought. Gabor’s bowels were full too, and it wasn’t long before the prisoner ripped a huge fart that echoed throughout the showers. Gabor just exhaled and patted his fat gut. Then he squatted towards the floor and placed his hands on his knees. Acting like a small child, he blushed and looked left and right, hoping that no one was spying on him. Unfortunately, he didn’t look directly behind, or else he would’ve noticed Jacob staring at him from the hallway. Gabor exhaled and let out a long, sputtering fart that soon became squishy and revolting. Seconds later, the convict sighed and began to fill his pants. It started out normal at first; Jacob listened to the flatulence hissing and heard the shit crackling and popping. He could see a small bulge appear on Gabor’s orange pants and knew he just let out a huge log.

Then everything became wet and violent. There was a sudden squelch, and Jacob saw Gabor’s pants bulge outwards instantly. The seat of his pants looked bloated, and a small brown stain was beginning to show. Gabor exhaled with relief and began to pant, but he wasn’t done yet. Grunting, Gabor pushed out a colossal amount of wet shit, feeling the watery feces spread all around his ass, balls and even part of his thighs. The warm shit was brushing against part of his dick, and the stain on his trousers had spread instantly; it looked like he just sat in pudding. Gabor still wasn’t even finished. Still grunting, the fat convict let out a messy shart; the flatulence and excrement only made the stain darker. It was beginning to bleed through his trousers. Gabor blushed when he heard a squishy wet fart and felt even more muddy shit flowing out of his ass. The man shat himself so hard that some of the excrement was running down his legs. Some of the shit almost bulged over the waistband. Jacob almost let out a tiny whimper; he had never seen this happen in his entire life. It was what he always dreamed about.

“Yes…be dirty…” muttered Gabor.

The chubby convict patted the seat of his pants with his right hand and laughed when he felt all the mushy shit packed inside his pants. He pressed down on his load and felt his cock throb. It was very rare for him to shit himself this much in just one sitting; he (and Jacob) got lucky today.

“Dirty boy, can’t even make it to the fuckin’ bathroom,” he muttered.

Gabor closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the foul stench in the showers. As if his natural musky scent wasn’t enough, now the showers reeked of piss and runny shit. The odor was overwhelming, capable of making an ordinary man gag or even retch. But not Gabor. He thrived on the delicious stench and used it to fuel his hard-on. Gabor waved a hand behind his bloated ass before plugging his nose.

“Dirty stinky boy. Whew…God it stinks in here!”

Jacob actually put his hand down his pants. He clutched his throbbing cock as he continued to listen to Gabor talk to himself and rub his pants. That’s when Gabor stopped rubbing and slowly descended to the floor. He sighed happily as he sat in his own mess, listening to his foul excrement squish as it was crushed between his large rump and the floor. Too horny to care if anyone was watching, Gabor stuck his left hand down his pants and began to masturbate. Jacob couldn’t see him beat off, but he could tell by his growling and panting and the way he moved his left arm that he was playing with himself.

“Yes, yes! That’s it! You-UNF! You dirty, stinky, filthy boy!”

Jacob was starting to believe something happened to Gabor when he was a kid. Whatever it was, it made him develop a disgusting kink for soiling and pissing his pants and getting off to how messy he was. Gabor started to go faster and faster, panting so hard he sounded like he was actually having sex. Then he huffed twice and abruptly slowed down. A few seconds later, Gabor shouted and came. He didn’t even take his cock out of his trousers. The musky convict came with his clothes still on. He panted as he felt the white goop blasting out of his thick shaft and adding another stain to his pants. After he finished ejaculating, Gabor sighed heavily, removed his hand, and licked all the piss and cum from it.



Jacob couldn’t stand it any longer. He rushed to the closest bathroom he could find and jerked off so hard he made his cock sore. Jacob shouted as loud as Gabor did when he finally came into the toilet. He watched as all the thick torrents of semen splashed into the toilet bowl, and then he started to shake and pant. He just masturbated to a grown man soiling and pissing his pants. He didn’t know who was sicker: Gabor for messing himself, or Jacob for watching him mess himself just so he could jerk off to it later. So many questions were swarming around Jacob’s mind. When did he start messing himself? How long was he into it? Did the guards know? Did his friends know? How did he manage to always show up in public with clean pants? Did he wear diapers too? He just couldn’t stop thinking about Gabor. More importantly, he couldn’t stop thinking of how to get back at Gabor. Jacob thought about Gabor’s reputation as a musky badass prisoner and began to smile widely. If everyone knew Gabor had been doing this, then someone surely would’ve told Jacob by now; word spread quickly around prison. No one knew Gabor’s little secret; at the very least, only Gabor’s closest friends and maybe a guard or two knew. And now that Jacob knew Gabor’s secret also, a devious and wonderful word came to mind:


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