Dirty date in the park


His sweet, pale, round and perfect face was framed by a black and unkempt goatee, his cropped hair was nestled under a skullcap and his big green eyes twinkled. The view of a prominent but cute nose held my attention especially as they were framed by  curly, shiny  side locks. He was a big solid boy in his early twenties and dressed very surprisingly in his temple best. He was smoking a cigarette and his full pink lips were very sensual as he blew out wafts of bluish smoke into the late summer air. It was 2.30am in the city park in Antwerp. I suddenly found myself there after a fabulous weekend of shopping, eating and a short and successful visit to the sauna. We exchanged some furtive glances and he smiled more and more. I sat patiently on a park bench and then to my happy surprise and pleasure he made his way over to me and sat right down next to me and came straight to the point.

‘I’m horny but I have had an accident in my pants,’ he looked at me as if expecting me to head for the hills and leave him all on his own-io.

‘An accident in your pants?’ I said upbeat and he could see by the look in my eyes that I wanted to know some more.

‘Yeah, I did a huge poo in them. I love pooping in my pants.’ I laughed a little nervously and then I felt him moving towards me. He put his hand on my knee and moved in for a kiss. It was very hot. His big full lips and wet tongue locked in mine for a long embrace and my hands groped to feel a very full and firm big ass and thighs. His bulk made me very horny too and he was clearly a very passionate boy.

‘Wanna sniff my dirty full crack?’ He joked.

‘Yeah, I really would actually…’ with that we kissed even more and I had a quick grope inside his jacket and white shirt feeling up his  big white firm male titties. I had an instant boner and he saw and gently rubbed it.

He slowly got up and we moved behind some trees. He grabbed my hand and planted another kiss on my mouth. The view from the back was filthy dirty. A big bottomed youth smoking and showing some full male bosom with a full boy panty of pure hard shit. We got a little further when he laid a huge raspy fart and moaned blowing out more smoke. I took the small bottle of poppers out and had a sniff. I was so turned on. He loosened his trousers and revealed a very big and firm arse in black shiny underpants with the mess very much visible… I bent down and sniffed the ripe and mellow mess stroking his big white buttocks. His huge cut cock slowly worked its way out of the silk pants and he started to talk like a nasty boy.  After about ten minutes of sniffing, rubbing and groping he turned round and I put the tool in my mouth. He puffed on another cigarette and continued to fart I felt his big firm buttocks tense and relax and he put another load in those already full pants. I could feel his cock tremble and then he exploded in my mouth.

We heard a noise and I quickly stood up but he grabbed me and kissed me again. He didn’t want me to go.

‘Let’s go to yours… fuck in my dirty ass.. take me…’ I looked at him and was so happy at what lay ahead of us J

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