Dirty Dan

I’d pissed and shit in a daiper the other morning had some fun with it and the obligatory wank then put it in a carrier bag then thrown it away .

Later that night i was horny and wanted to shit in a pair of pants but couldn’t go . Despite encouragement from some friends in the chat room it wasn’t to be so i went to bed still extremely horny . 
After about 5 mins i decided if i wanted to get messy i might have to recycle on earlier load .

I went downstairs and got my earlier messy diaper out of the bin and put it back on . Yes it was very cold and wet but my cock got hard instantly so i sat in it again and got messy and wanked myself off in it again i’ve never done this before but i will again as i was well turned on .

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  1. Watch your videos after getting your E mail – WOW ur good at what u do! Keep up ur great clips!

  2. i enjoy wearing the same messy tight jeans over and over. fills so hot. instead hard on.

  3. Climbing into yesterdays soiled plastic pants and pulling them up, trying to contain the loosest turds so as not to lose any of the mess, is a regular treat for me.

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