Dirty Breakfast

As always I’m diapered thickly. I can never resist filling my diaper, and sometimes I don’t notice until I’ve done it!

Being the baby I am I made sure I was double diapered with my boosters this morning. Picked out my outfit for the day; jean shorts and a tshirt. I realized how hungry I was getting so of course I go to eat. Made my choice and decided to go to Eggspectations. Drove over, went inside to get a seat, and as soon as I sat down. Boom! Flooded my diaper. I felt so naughty and little! My server comes over and takes me order, pancakes and apple juice (such a Little!).

Skip forward 30 minutes.
I’ve been pacing myself while eating. The food was so good! Then it hits me…I need to make a poopy! Not wanting to draw attention to myself by getting up I stayed in my seat. I had to go sooooo bad! With a few little farts and some grunting I loaded my diaper! Oh god it felt so good! I whimpered as I continued to eat. The hot mess was hurting my diaper rash! And it made me so horny knowing how much of a dirty baby I was. My server came back then and I paid for my meal. I was so embarrased! On my way out, toddling as quickly as a very messy baby can, a lady patted my butt and winked. Oh. My. God. She knew I was diapered and loaded! Blushing, I made my way to the car as quickly as I could and grabbed my paci. I needed the comfort! I started crying as I wet my diaper again.

I drove home quickly with my mess squishing underneath me. I’m such a baby! I parked and ran inside as best I could. My rash was hurting so much! I went to my room and rubbed my bulging diaper. I changed myself then took a nap.

*True story. Happened today!
*I’m a baby who can’t keep her diapees clean!

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