Dinner party (M/F)

Melia crinkled as she sat down.

No one heard. The dinner party was in full swing. On one side sat Emma and Jonathan, on the other Lottie and Steve. The food had been set out on the table and the conversation flowed as freely as the drink.

When the urge came on Melia didn’t worry. Once, she would have. Once she would have rushed off to the nearest bathroom, stressed and annoyed and making her apologies. But that was before.

Now she simply smiled, reached for another glass, and let go. It only took a few moments, beautifully silent: the piss filled her diaper, shocking heat quickly fading into damp wetness, a violent rush charging through her pussy lips and blooming hotly along the cottony fabric pressed snug against her cunt. She hid her face in her glass, so that no one would see her shudder of pleasure.

“It’s disgraceful, how she’s behaving,” Lottie said. Melia recovered herself, and smiled in agreement. Below the table, where none could see, she squeezed her thighs together and squirmed. Her clit throbbed wetly, neglected. Melia longed to slide a hand down between her legs and relieve the ache; but she was in public, and there was a limit to discretion.


“Shameful,” she agreed, letting loose a last squirt of piss. She took a sip of wine, and smiled. Her newest diapers had been bought with absorbency in mind: she wouldn’t have to rise from the table at all this night, and her pussy would be bathed in piss for many hours to come.

If she’d had more self-control she would have restrained herself, and let her bladder loose in a few explosive, glorious releases. Melia thought she might have orgasmed from that alone. But she could not. The urge was a tickle, the reward a sharp hot squirt, and every one was a delight. She could not resist. Her diaper soaked up every drop, and before long she knew that if she were to rise it would bulge out behind her and below.

Later on her guests would commend her. Melia stayed sitting until the latest had left, not once leaving, even to the kitchen. What a thoughtful hostess!

None knew the truth, except her husband.

They had not spoken during the meal. Richard had sat at the opposite end of the table and had not so much spared a glance for his wife. At least, not until the last guests had left.

But once they did he made straight for her, hauled her to the bedroom, and stripped all her clothes – all save her diaper. That he left, even as he bore her to the bed and sucked hard at her nipples. Melia writhed below him and her legs spread in spite of herself. This time, the rush of blood-hot piss was involuntary, and she regretted it. [i]I should have saved it[/i], she thought, [i]and sat on his face and made him drink every drop[/i].

Richard might have agreed, for when he finally undid her diaper he didn’t move to fuck her; instead he parted her legs and licked her cunt, her thighs, every inch of her piss-wet skin. Melia groaned through all of it. It was shameful, and disgusting, and any decent woman would have been appalled: but Melia was not a decent woman, and she whimpered and moaned and spread her legs wider at every touch of his tongue.

“Fuck me,” she begged. But he did not, not for a long long time, not until after he’d tasted his fill. Somewhere along the way Melia found a last reserve of piss, and she tugged him down to her cunt by the hair and locked her thighs around his head to make him swallow. When at last he finally entered her they both groaned. Melia had been longing for it since her first hot squirt of piss, so many hours before, and her cunt was wet and hot.
“Fuck me,” she begged, and as he took her she imagined a river of piss, Richard’s face bathed in it, his cock, both of them. She imagined diapers sodden with liquid, imagined jeans dark with piss, imagined impossible scenarios where she was fucked and licked and pissing all at once.

“Fuck me,” she begged, but what she meant was [i]don’t stop[/i].

Afterward they slept. When Melia awoke, light was streaming through the undrawn bedroom windows and Richard was fastening another diaper around her hips.

“We have the company function today,” he reminded her.

Melia smiled sleepily. “Suits,” she said. “So stuffy and uptight. I think I might be… bad.”

Richard smiled, and rubbed a finger along the line of her cunt. Inside the diaper Melia hardly felt it, but she squirmed nonetheless.

“Oh, I hope so.” he said.

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