Didn’t Make It ;)

The other day my work had an office party at the Olive Garden. I usually don’t go to these events but the prospect of free pasta and garlic bread tempted me. I ate 3 different pasta dishes and drank several different wines to go along with it. I stayed around and mingled until I began to feel a bit of discomfort building in my stomach. I decided I’d better leave for home before things got any worse. My car was parked in the lot across the street at my office. As I walked I could feel pressure building up in my gut…something felt off about one of those dishes, the linguini and clam sauce was deffinetly a bad choice. I got across the street and decided to duck into my office real quick knowing that the men’s room would be empty. At this point my bladder was also bugging me from all the wine I’d drank. I got to the bathroom and went into the stall. As soon as I pulled my pants down I began to piss heavely sighing with relief as my bladder emptied itself. I waited a few moments for a poop but nothing, just a lot of gassy farts, and despite how loudly my belly was grumbling nothing. I left the stall went back to my car and headed for home. My belly was still aching and I was pushing out long smelly farts trying to relieve the pressure. Nothing helped. I was about 5 mins from home when I pushed another fart and stopped immediately as I felt liquid burning through my underwear. Shit! I clenched my ass hole tight and tried to focus on driving. This was bad I could feel a pile of diarrhea on the other side of my asshole burning to be let out. I pulled into my drive way a hurriedly got out of the car. Bad idea as soon as I lifted my ass from the seat another watery fart began to pump more liquid into my pants. I clenched again my diarrhea was still seeping into my underwear. I opened the door quickly as soon as I was inside I stopped, there was no point in trying to make it to the bathroom. I stopped and squatted down a little and began to use the bathroom in my pants. Shit began pouring into my underwear and leaking down my legs, I also began to piss myself again, all I could feel was relief. I was going to the bathroom all over myself and I didn’t even care. When I was finally finished I knew I should clean myself up, but something told me there was going to be more. I put my hand over my ass feeling the soft load sitting heavely in my briefs. My accident had made me feel very horny and naughty and since I was alone I decided to sit in my mess for a little while and relax.

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  1. I hope you jacked – off in your underwear too! That’s what you need to be fully satisfied & relaxed! I know I can’t get full satisfaction after shitting and pissing in my swim trunks unless I masturbate in them at least once, as I enjoy the poop around my ass.

  2. Once you have started you might as well finish and enjoy the whole experience fully.Once you have tried it you will want to do it again soon

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