Similar story with the same actors. He is in a shopping cart and its way too small for him to be riding in the part where the items go. It makes him seem very immature to be doing such a thing. His mom is allowing him to do it anyway. He then lifts himself up somewhat to elevate his rear end off the cart but remains in it. He then starts to grunt and push out a mess log. I can see him doing this and become intrigued to wonder what is going to happen next. I can only image though because I know when someone is pushing out shit into their pants. Bingo! I was right and being close enough to them I even smell it. His mom is oblivious to what he just did. He looks like he is a middle schooler so in it self he is way too old to be loading his pants with shit on purpose. He has really done a large amount of it too. His pants are tented out. There is a clerk waiting on his mom and also has witnessed it and seems embarrassed that this boy has gone to the bathroom in his pants on purpose. The boy of course is excited to have pulled it off and is now sitting down in it in the cart. All of a sudden he leaves the cart and his pants sag down and then he gets still and a red blush goes over his face. He is doing it again. Plop! goes the second messing. Right in a store he mutters under his breath. He had planned to do it. He went with his mom to that store because the clerks are pretty girls and he wanted one of them to change his pants. He knew his mom wouldn’t say a word because he is allowed to do it. Eeew yeah , he had a load in his pants and I was even excited about what he did. Jealous too that I never did anything like that in a store. She bought the stuff and marched him with her out to their car and off they drove away. Probably to take him home and change his pants.

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