He is in the car and in the back seat. Feels an urge to have a bowel movement. Does not indicate to anyone he must get to a toilet. He is a young teen around 11 and loves to go in his pants and is allowed by his parents to go in his pants. He turns himself around facing the rear of the car(rear window) and on his knees on the seat he then begins to grunt loud enough that I can hear he is doing it again. I am very excited as it turns me on to watch him shit himself. It is cool that he is allowed by his mom and dad to go in his pants. Next thing I smell shit and he is all done. He turns back around and slides down the back rest to the lower seat and of course doing that he mashes and squishes the shit log mush into his underpants making another brown stain in them. He has that happy look on his face…the I accomplished and succeeded in filling my pants again in front of everyone. Then he is back in his seat and his mom smells it and begins her talk of disgust but in reality is like me in a way. Why else would she allow him to do this. Then I hear a new sound and look over at him to see his pants start to become wet very quickly. Part two…urinating in his pants. The pee dribbling all over everything and his seat and of course his shit is covered in it now too. He needs changed and he is 11. I want to have the same thing in my pants. A year later I started doing it in my pants and found out how much fun that it was.

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  1. Lots of people miss out on how great it feels because they are afraid to try it.Once you try it you love how it feels.

  2. i was a bed wetter until 15 or so…and purposly pooed my pants from 11 on……its the most erotic wonderful feeling

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