Diarrhoea in a Diaper

You can read my character as a guy or a girl or neither. All are fine. 

“Eve,” I whine, holding my aching tummy.
“Does your tummy hurt?” My girlfriend asks sympathetically, and I nod before sniffling, because it hurts. It hurts a lot. “Come here,” Eve says while spreading out a plastic sheet over the bed. I go over slowly, almost bent double because of the pain, and finally make it on to the bed. I lie down, and Eve puts her warm hand on my tummy. 
“Quick,” I whine some more as my belly cramps and gurgles loudly. It hurts, it hurts so badly, and I wriggle around in pain while she comes back with a diaper. 
“Hang on, baby,” she says. “I can’t hold it much longer!” I protest, but she’s quick as she slides off my pants, underwear, and puts a thick diaper on me. “All done,” she says, taking off my tee shirt and putting my clothes in the laundry hamper. “You can let go now.”
My face starts to screw up because it hurts so badly, but I don’t want to go because it’s embarrassing. Even after a while of being my girlfriend’s little baby while in pain, I still find it humiliating to deal with bodily functions in front of her. Eve patiently massages my belly, knowing that it’s just a matter of time. “Let it go, Ken,” she says, and she pushes her hand hard onto my tummy below my belly button.
“Ow!” I complain, but I can’t hold on anymore. I have waves of diarrhoea gush out of me and into the diaper, and I almost cry because the pain in my tummy is finally going away. I can feel the diaper sagging from all the loose, runny shit I expelled, and it’s hot around my crotch. I keep feeling my stomach ache while my asshole opens on its own, pushing out more foul liquid shit. Eve keeps her hand on my tummy, rubbing in nice circles until I finally sigh. 
“Feeling better, Ken?” I nod, and Eve gets the baby wipes, powder and a fresh diaper.
“Pee-you! This is a stinky diaper!” I hide my face, embarrassed, but Eve pats my sore tummy reassuringly. “It’s ok, baby,” she said, still rubbing my tummy. “I’ll change you.” 
Eve un-tapes the diaper, and lifts my legs up. I can feel her using wet wipes to clean my genitals, and it takes what feels like half the pack of wet wipes because I made such a huge mess. “I’m sorry for making such a mess,” I say regretfully, hoping she understands. “Don’t worry about it, darling,” Eve says reassuringly, looking at me from between my legs. “You had a bad tummy ache and you needed to get out all the things hurting your little tummy. Just listen to me next time when I tell you not to eat so much spicy food!” I grin sheepishly and nod my head, vowing to listen to her next time. 
Soon, she’s done with the wet wipes and I can feel the baby powder going onto me, then a fresh diaper is taped up around my hips. “I’ll be right back,” Eve says, going to dispose of the dirty diaper. She comes back quickly, and gets back into bed with me. “I’ll rub your tummy until you fall asleep,” she offers, and I nod eagerly. She puts one hand on my crotch, over the fresh diaper. The diaper crinkles and I can smell the fresh baby powder, and it’s more comforting than I’ve ever imagined. Coupled with the slow, leisurely circles she’s rubbing over my tummy, it’s more than enough to lull me into my afternoon nap.

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