Diarrhea smearing in the woods

It’s not a long story, but I want to share anyway. I just got back from a long hike in the woods. While I was still at home I could tell that I was going to have the runs, plus I felt a tad naughty today, too. So I packed up my bag with a towel and soap and drove to the nearby woods. Being that I know these woods like the back of my hand, I went straight to a very private spot. When I got there I set my pack down, took off all my clothes, sat down on a large, flat rock, and started masturbating with the lube I had brought along. After a few minutes of anticipation and impatience, I decided to let it all go. I lifted my butt to one side, pushed, and a light-colored diarrhea came rushing out. At first I just sat there and continued to masturbate, and then after a minute or two I put my hand down between my legs and felt the fluffy-mushy crap. I then turned over so my butt was facing up, grabbed an entire handful, and smeared it all over my cute tush. I lay there for a good few minutes just gently feeling it all over my cheeks. Oh, god, you have no idea. The rush! The rush of rubbing warm, wet poop all over your butt in public (in nature) while completely naked and masturbating. Wow. A few times I got up and went for a short jaunt down the trail, stopped, stood there, and masturbated again while caressing my dirtiness. I remember turning my head backward and downward toward my butt so I could see what it might look like to a 3rd party, which was also a huge rush. I won’t lie, a small but daring part of me wished a cute girl had come down the trail and seen me all dirty and shit-handed. Anyway, I finished by going back to the rock, sitting down in what was left of my diarrhea pile, and squish-squished my butt around in it, feeling the smooth sliminess go all around my butt cheeks.

Cleanup was surprisingly easy since there was a stream just 20 feet from me. The castile soap I brought got me so clean that I could barely catch a scent when I smelled my hand a half an hour later. I ended up taking another bath later on in a tiny swimming hole just to be sure I didn’t smell walking back up the trail. (To those of you giving my the stink eye about contaminating a water source, it’s the time of year when it’s too cold for people to swim anymore, so I didn’t feel bad. Plus, the stream I washed up in drains out to a place where people rarely go anyway. I gotta tell ya, it was pretty cold when I sunk down in the water, but the urgency of cleaning up distracted me enough that I was able to just power through it.)

I wish I had photos to post. The thought of getting it on video crossed my mind a time or two, but I never went through with it. If anyone is curious, though, I do have some photos of another time that I did the same thing, so if you wanna see those send me a PM.

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    ThankĀ“s for sharing. I`m full of such ideas, filling underwear while walking around in the woods, or, be able to spy on someone like you crapping (and wanking)

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