Diarrhea smear

I felt the urge to shit earlier whilst I was sat watching TV and thought to myself, ‘I’m pretty desperate so why wait longer and go to the toilet when I could just do it in my pants?’ Meant I could have some fun out of it as well. So I’m sat there on the sofa in my boxers and felt that familiar stomach pain, I knew this was going to be a messy one and that’s how I like it. It didn’t take much for the first bit of liquid to bubble out of my arsehole and cover my cheeks, one more push and the rest entered my underwear. It was so warm and wet so I just enjoyed the sensation for a while. That was until I couldn’t take it no more and had to touch myself, pushing my hand down my pants I felt the load I had just made with my fingers, it was softer than I could have imagined-near enough pure liquid. I took one of the fingers that I had dipped into my shit and rubbed it directly on my cock head, I let out a moan and rubbed faster. It was now time to take this to the next level and get REAL messy. I went into the bathroom and lay on the floor, opening my legs and putting my feet up on the sides of the bath. Straight away I grabbed a big lump of my liquid shit and put it straight onto my cock and boy pussy, rubbing it up and down covering it. At that moment I knew I had to record this because of how good it felt. I held my camera and I rubbed my sloppy shit covered dick and let out a few spurts of piss. I was in HEAVEN. I stopped recording so I could really get into it, I took both hands and furiously rubbed myself, the smell of my own shit filling the air I was breathing in. I reached down to my arse to grab any leftover and my luck was in. I took it and smeared it on my thighs and back over my boy cunt. I then took my filthy boxers and rubbed them all over my stomach. I was so close to cumming now, my rock hard dick begging for relief, so I decided to show it some mercy and finished with a mind blowing, throbbing orgasm

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  1. jay you and me both !!! I would have loved to hold the camera for you and then lend a helping hand or two.. I think it’s awesome of you to share that !! Brother we gotta swap some good war stories !! Keep up the good stories !!!

  2. I would’ve LUV’D watching it come out of your asshole! I definitely would’ve held the camera to record it!

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