diarrhea in boy scout uniform

When I was 15. I did join camp as a senior scout . We had khaki uniforms typical boy scouts. Shirt with a lot of badge, Shorts that fit in shape. In summer, We did a marching after lunch brake, So they were very strict regarding toilet breaks. If one had to go, it must be done before marching. (Also, not allow during the classes, either.) This grown up boy scouts are tough shit guy. usually they must wait until dismissal.

This one day, I had got a diarrhea after 15 minutes of marching around school grounds, I began farting silently. The more I marched, the more it became urge to poop, but I didn’t want to walk out of rank and file, as I would get into serious trouble — corporal punishment (e.g. a swatting on the bum), or a hundred push-ups, or having to hold a rifle at arm’s length for an hour in front of me.

It only got worse. I had to choose whether it was worth walking out for the nearest latrine. or get flogging, nor to hold a parade rifle. The pooping way not only would that be embarrassing, but I would certainly get into trouble. So I decided to carry on as best as possible. I think I can hold it.

Well, my innards did not know anything at all about military discipline. They would do just what nature intended. The more we marched, the more I had to really go. I was going to hold on for another 1 hour. I just knew a flogging or something was waiting for me around the corner, one way or another.

I was never hold diarrhea before in my entire 15 years, So the unexpected happened. A warm fart coming out of my butt hole more frequent, I thought it will relief my pain, but suddenly my bowel began to give out. It was warm, wet, spray on my white brief, and then It give a huge load of warm liquid shit in my brief. which seep though out my scout uniform.

“Oh my god” my friend in the rank said. “you didn’t just poop in pants don’t you.”
“you sick bastard” another guy in rank said. “get out now”

I relized that I was going to get punished for poop in pants anyway, so I left ranks and run for the closest building. I heard yelling behind me, but at this point, I tuned it out. I didn’t care about the disciplining I was going to receive.

Leaving ranks to head for the nearest place where I assumed a latrine might be, I need to walk across the field. the running only made matters worse. I wound up letting go entirely. This wet torrent began to fill my shorts, and this vile light-brown river of muck began running down my white legs, and the whole companion in that field must have witnessed the senior scout pooping in his uniform. I remember hearing some “eews” , I guess I had been noticed!

I left a disgusting, light-brown trail of mushy splats as I searched for the closest latrine. By the time I had gotten to that welcomed latrine, I had noticed by cub scout who came out of latrine who give an amusement look at me. I get in, had a struggle to the belt. when another poop push out, I saw that cub scout peeking me from above. I don’t want to pull my shorts down and show my balls to him, So I dumped my load in scout uniform . However, When he get chased by scout master, I could take off my soiled shorts and try to rinse them out in one of the basins.

scout master who follow the poop trails, helps me to find a pajamas and send me to the infirmary, and he found that I was actually sick, and not just putting on an act to avoid the marching, I was spared the punishment that I had been expecting. but the embarrassing still remain.

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