Diarrhea diaries

Thought it might be a fun idea to start a blog thread about some daily poop stories we have. You can tell a full story, give context, tell us what type of body you have, how desperate you were, what type of poop was it etc…. or you can just say something like “just took an enormous dump” and briefly explain what happened before and after. Thought it would be a fun way to talk about our fetishes in real time since we don’t have a chat and extensive stories sometimes take a while to write. Let me know what you guys think or just start sharing.

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  1. I can go first to get things going …

    I totally trashed my pants on the way to work this morning , not on purpose … made the mistake of having my morning coffee and not taking a poop or pee before leaving the house. The drive from my house to work is pretty long seeing as i live in a rural area. It was also my laundry day so i was wearing briefs and jeans that were way too small on me. I made an even stupider mistake to stop at Taco Bell for a breakfast burrito on my way to work. So now i have coffee and Taco Bell burrito working in my bowels…not good. I’m sure anyone who has experienced a really urgent situation knows that there can be a bit of time before diarrhea comes and then there’s the diarrhea that kicks you so hard it’s impossible to hold in. My belly was gurgling and cramping badly. I let out what i thought would be just a fart to even things out instead i felt hot liquid fly into my briefs. There was nothing i could do to stop it. I kind of just sat there and let it happen. I couldn’t go to work that messy so i had to turn around and go home and sift through my already dirty laundry to find something to wear and then clean up. Needless to say… i was late to work.

  2. I had a different experience. I was at a business conference at a hotel,(I had a room there), when I was getting ready to go down to the conference, I did my normal routine of doing my poo-poose,(which wasn’t my normal drop, as it was lighter), shaving, showering. Got dressed in my dockers pants & shirt. The pants were light colored. During the opening of the conference I was sitting drinking a coke while listening to the speaker. All of a sudden, I felt a stirring in my bowels. I ignored it at first, & then all of a sudden I realized I had to make a run for it. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it up to my hotel room, but I wanted to try as I’d feel more comfortable on that toilet. I got onto the elevator, pushed button for floor 24. A hotel guy was on the elevator with me. I just tried to keep my ass cheeks as tight as I could, but all of a sudden, lo & behold, I started whimpering in pain, & just moaning in pain. The hotel staff guy asked if I was ok. I told him, “I just need to get to my bathroom on the 24 th.” He looked at me, & all of a sudden I could NO way hold it any longer, I just groaned out & my poo-poose just came out of my hole like you wouldn’t believe. My ass was tenting out my poo-poose. The staff guy said, “oh my god you’re pooping your pants right now aren’t you?” I said, as I was moaning trying to keep my poo-poose in my & yet failing to accomplish that, oh yes that’s why I have to get to my room NOW. I was just filling my pants up while he was watching. We got to my floor, he asked if I needed help getting to my room, I said yes, we got in, he helped me undress, get me on the toilet to finish my grunting out my poo-poose, he even got me up to have me bend over the sink counter and wiped my ass. I was so fricking rock throbbing hard it was unreal. He then took a warm wet wash cloth to make sure my ass, ass crack & asshole was clean, then turned me around, got on his knees a sucked my rock throbbing hard cock for me to shoot my white cream of cum all over his face & mouth. What a beautiful thing! Even though it was humiliating at first, it turned out to be wonderfully pleasurable for me. I convinced him to take his clothes off, gave him a rim job,(such a beautiful ass & asshole), jacked his nice very hard big dick off to make him shoot his great white cream of cum all over my chest to then have him lick it off. Exchanged contact info., which never went anywhere, but Best conference I’ve ever been to!

  3. Sometimes there’s no way to stop it from happening… diarrhea comes out wheather we want it to or not 😉 it took me a while to not be embarrassed but the erotic side of it. I like it when i find someone whose into it as well but i also like the embarrassment of other people who find it repulsive. There’s a gas station that i frequent regularly between my work site and my house. The guy who works behind the counter clearly hates me because i always walk in farting like crazy really needing to go. It’s a single stall unfortunately but in an emergency it’s good to have a place where you know you can drop your pants if necessary . This manager constantly rolls his eyes at me or makes gross comments. I gotta admit I’ve left that bathroom in some pretty gross states. It smells horrible when i come out. Whenever I’m walking out of the gas station i always blow another small fart, wipe the sweat off my brow and say “sorry about that man” 😉

  4. You said it’s a single stall. Obviously there’s a urinal, right? Have you ever heard a comment from a guy whose pissing in the urinal while your grunting/moaning out your poo-poose? If so, do tell. When you’re letting your loose poo-poose out of your ass hole, does your dick get hard? Do tell.

  5. I find that my bowels work overtime if I have had a good session in the gym and then have a large meal.
    The first time I recall it happening I was on holiday and had enjoyed a workout in the hotel gym, had a shower, dressed and headed for dinner.
    During dinner my bowels started to create and I soon became aware that I needed to poo.
    I tried to hold on and planned to go as soon as I had finished my coffee but the urgency rapidly increased and I suddenly felt some go into my underpants. I made my excuses and left the table and headed as quick as I could for the toilets.
    I slammed the cubicle door shut and tried to undo my trousers but all the time I was doing a very loose load into my underwear and had just lost control.
    Although I had briefs on it was so liquid that it came out of them and dirtied the seat of my trousers and ran down the back of my leg.
    Luckily I was able to get back to my room without seeing anyone I knew and then had a long clean up.
    Very distressing at the time but it makes me horny when I think about it now.

  6. I thought it would be a good time to write in here…
    I just ate a big bowl of chocolate ice cream and I’m already regretting it. Having long heavy farts and an achy gurgling belly. I know ice cream usually gives me the runs but sometimes i can’t help myself. I’ll probably be up on the toilet at least once tonight *fart*

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