Diarrhea at work

One day at work, I had this burbling in my stomach, it rumbles for few seconds then pains start to screw my intestines like a huge strong wave dropping up and down. It stars to make me feel uncomfortable and the urge to poop arrived later. I held it in trying to ignore the feeling because I still have to find out if it’s a serious one or just a stupid fart (some farts really are deceiving). I let out a silent fart and it smelled really bad, I made a timing where a co-worker isn’t close at me, after all it was just a small wet fart, hopefully doesn’t swarm the whole room. At lunch break I refused to go with my co workers because I don’t want them to know what’s going on with my stomach, so I stayed like a workaholic. Suddenly a strong urge to go made me move my feet. I walked fast and tried to smile at the people I meet along the way, my butt cheeks squeeze together to prevent shit from flowing out of my boxers. I dashed straight to the men’s room and found out one stall had been taken, there were two stalls there were like four guys peeing at the urinal and some teenage boys waiting for their turn. The scenario didn’t make me feel secured so i went back to the room with extreme disappointment holding the runny poop in for another minute. I didn’t really wait for another minute so I ran back to the men’s room and saw a few guys and the two stalls are empty. YES! it’s my time to do it. Even though a few men keep flashing in the men’s room, I didn’t mind it since I got the chance already. While holding it in, I untied my belt and pulled down my pants as sweat roll down my face heavily. I sat down the toilet and held it back everytime somebody gets in the men’s room, I waited for one or two guys to finish. Until one guy is left, I made a fart noise at first and made a splash, a stream of wet warm poop spattered around the toilet bowl. the sound exploded once, but It wasn’t that loud cause my butt fully covered the rim seat (is it effective?). After I felt relief, I decided to get up fast, smelled the stench and fanned it. I didn’t have time to clean my butt, I had to get back at work quickly. I walked out of the stall and saw the guy who may or may not know what I did walk before me, he looked back at me with a blank stare. I was quite thinking he smelled the mess I did, literally since he was using the urinal while I exploded. While I was walking, I could feel my gooey butt cheeks thinking when I get home I get surprise skidmarks.

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