Diarrhea adventure.

I’ve spent the last 4 days holding my poop . I’ve been eating alot of high in fiber foods in order to have a massive runny poop. I need to go really bad. I just drank a high dose of castor oil and I’m getting ready to head into town to see what kind if messy predicament I can get myself into. I’m feeling very desperate but just wait to the castor oil takes effect.
To be continued……..
I get into my car and head to the park to take a walk, as I’m driving I start feeling very desperate and then the cramps start. Before I even get to the park I’m overcome by a strong wave of cramps , I try to hold back but it impossible and a huge amount of very mushy poop explodes into my panties followed by some very wet farts. I can feel it travel up the back of my panties. I get to the park and get out of my car. I walk around for a bit before heading to the bathroom. Almost at the bathroom another wave of cramps strike followed by a massive wave of pure liquid diarrhea this time. My panties are getting very full and I can feel it start to run down my legs. I finally make to the bathroom and access the damage. It’s worse than I thought. I clean up the best I can and head back to the car. So I head to the mall to look around. My stomach is making all kinds of noise and the cramps are still strong but manageable for now. As I’m walking around the mall I start to feel very nauseous and sick to.my stomach. I know I’m going to be sick so I run to the bathroom almost puking on the floor. I just make it but just my luck the stalls are all occupied. I run over to the garbage bin barely making it. As I’m being sick in the bin I start uncontrollably having diarrhea in my pants. My pants instantly balloon out loud wet farts followed by pure liquid fill them. It gets all up my front and runs down my legs. I’m starting to think I might of over did it. Finally a stall opens up and I run in still pooping and leaving a trail behind me. It takes me over 45 minutes to clean up the best I can. Good thing i brought a change of pants and panties. I put them on and put my soiled ones in a bag and shove them in my purse. My stomach still feels horrible and on my way out i feel another wave of diarrhea so I run back in and barely get my pants off before diarrhea erupts out of mass ass like a dam burst, I didn’t even get time to sit down. It splashes all over the toilet and floor. I end up pooping for another 10 minutes before I can leave. Still having cramps I head to my car and get in. As I drive home I poop myself again. Once home I masturbate in my dirty panties fingering myself as I fuck my ass with a dildo. Afterwards i shower and call it a day.

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