Diarrhea accident.

I have been sick with a pretty bad stomach bug the last couple days, constant vomiting and diarrhea. The first day I woke up feeling a little under the weather but since I had a date that evening I just shrugged it off. Everything goes great and we end up back at her place. By now I’m feeling a little worse but I’m having such a good time I keep ignoring the ever growing sick feeling in my stomach. After chatting for a bit we head to her room and start fooling around but soon after I am hit with an intense nausea feeling and I have to run to the bathroom to vomit. She was so kind about everything, brought me water and rubbed my back. Once I start to feel better we head to bed. A few hours past and my stomach wakes me up, but the urgency is so bad that I have to grab the bucket next to the bed. My loud vomiting wakes her and she starts to comfort me. So here I am kneeling half bent over the bed puking my guts out with this beautiful women rubbing my back. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse my stomach cramps up and I uncontrollably start to have diarrhea rite there in her bed. It wasnt watery but a thick liquid filled with soft chunks. Finally for what seemed like an enternity I was able to stop puking and shitting. I turn around to see a look of pure shock on her face. I shit so hard and so much it splashed all over her. Feeling the most embarrassed I have ever felt I start to apologize over an over. She takes it so well. Says it’s not the first time she’s delt with a sick person before and since she’s a nurse she has seen alot of vomit and diarrhea but has never been shit on like this before. So we head into the bathroom and get cleaned up. In the morning I tell her how embarrassed and sorry I am but she just jokes about it and says it’s OK shit happens. So I apologize again and head home. On my way home I had diarrhea again and had to walk home with diarrhea running down my legs. That is by far the most embarrassed I have ever been.

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  1. Sounds incredibly hot, even though it probably didn’t feel like it for you at the time. Thanks for sharing. Are your two recent photos from the accident that you had on the way home?

  2. No that happened at home while I was puking. Had my head in the toilet and the next moment I uncontrollably filled my boxers.

  3. Is it quite common for you not being able to hold back diarrhea or this was the first time it happened?

  4. Sometimes when I’m sick the cramps and the urge to have diarrhea come on so fast and strong that I loose control.

  5. You should learn to love diarrhea.It feels so warm and soft as it fills your shorts and goes everywhere so fast.If you wear tight fitting shorts and pants you can enjoy the feeling as the warm mess spreads all over your butt and balls.It lakes for great masturbation when it covers your cock.I love to feel soft poop slip over my pussy as it makes me so horny that in just a few minutes I am squirting in my panties.

  6. Thanks for the advice. I’ve never tried letting loose in tight pants before or masturbating with my cock covered. I do love having diarrhea, everything about it feels amazing. I like the feeling when my stomach starts to bubble and rumble and the cramping starts. Feeling like I’m about to loose control makes my cock so hard. The only thing I don’t like so much is when I’m sick and diarrhea puts me in some very embarrassing situations and causes unplanned messes, but I do enjoy posting some of the picks and everything else about it.

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