Diapers Pooping at Niagara Falls

At the end of my vacation in Canada I decided to visit Niagara Falls again – this time well diapered. During the so-called “journey [walk] behind the falls” I messed my already wet Abenas which was a special thrill among all the people and the amazing ambience. Then I blithely visited lock 1 of the Welland Canal in my already smelly load and took pix for a quite long time of locking up a ship, and afterwards had an early “dinner” inside a KFC before I changed the poopy diapers in my motel room in Toronto …

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  1. The drive from Niagara Falls to downtown Toronto, is over an hour, so the diaper had even more time to ferment…..

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  3. Good for you, I do that at festivals and outdoor camping, I never found a girlfriend who would be cool about this, so I would pretend it was a accident if she smelled it on me, she would be pissed, but calm down later, its easy to say, there was no restroom avalible at some of these campouts

  4. Going for a Sunday morning walk, with a coffee in hand, after eating a fiber cerial bar, and letting a big load go in your underware is a nice way to start your day

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