Diapered Fun

Jack and Rick were chilling at Rick’s house. They were playing xbox and having fun when Rick stood up to change the games. His shirt rode up, and his underwear showed. But it wasn’t normal undies. Rick had the fringe of a goodnite sticking over his pants. Jack saw this and yanked Rick’s pants down.

“What the fuck!” Rick exclaimed. Jack chuckled and cupped his hand over Rick’s diapered crotch.

“Oh calm down baby.” He said. Rick blushed bright red.

“I have accidents sometimes. Ok?” He said, trying to pull his pants up. Jack stopped him.

“Well……..” He said, trailing off. He let a small spurt of pee go into his pants, making a wet spot on them. “I have accidents too.” He said. Rick smiled and felt the wet fabric of Jack’s jeans.

“Looks like someones needs a diaper.” He said, unbuttoning Jack’s jeans and letting them fall to his ankles. Jack was clad in his briefs, which had a small wet patch on them. Jack blushed as Rick moved him over to his bed and laid him down. Jack did as he was instructed. He laid back on Rick’s bed. Rick went to his dresser and came back with a large, white, crinkly, adult diaper. Jack blushed as Rick pulled his undies down and off. Jack laid on Rick’s bed, only wearing his tee shirt and socks, while Rick was only wear his tee shirt, socks, and goodnite. Rick lifted Jack’s legs like a baby’s and slid the diaper underneath. Jack had a raging hard on as Rick diapered him. Rick got some wipes and cleaned Jack off, and then powdered him up, sprinkling the white substance on Jack’s privates and his erect penis. He rubbed it in a little, which almost made Jack blow his load. Rick pulled the diaper up and fastened the tabs. Rick smiled at Jack’s diapered body.

“Let’s get you in a proper diaper.” Jack said, tearing the sides of Rick’s goodnite. The diaper fell off him and exposed his shaven crotch and large erect penis. Rick blushed as Jack gently pushed him back on the bed. He repeated the same process as Rick had done with him. They walked though the empty house, wearing diapers and tee shirts. Rick went into his parents medicine cabinet and found diuretics and laxatives. He got a dose for him and Jack, slipping them into some soda. He drank his while Jack drank his.

After a few minutes Jack felt his stomach rumble. Pressure was growing in his rectum, almost too much to hold.

“I gotta shit!” He said, standing up. As soon as he did his sphincter opened and hot shit flowed out, covering his butt and balls in shit. Rick smiled and felt pressure growing as well.

“Aren’t you a naughty little baby?” He said, rubbing the mess on Jack’s backside as they laid on the carpet. Jack put his hand on Rick’s ass just as he let a stream of shit loose into the padding. Jack shuddered with pleasure as he felt the mess growing in Rick’s diaper.

“Your a naughty baby too.” He said, rubbing the mess in Rick’s white, padded rear. They began to passionately make out, slipping their tongues in the others mouth. Rick felt his dick swell like a fire house, and then, suddenly, he lost control and began pissing himself. He felt the diaper grow warm and wet, sagging on him and getting heavy. Jack saw as Rick’s diaper gained a yellow appearance. He felt the sudden, uncontrollable need hit him too, and began pissing his diaper like a helpless infant

“Looks like you really do have accidents.” Rick said, grabbing Jack’s diapered crotch. Jack moaned in ecstasy as Rick moved Jack’s cock around inside the thick, wet, crinkly diaper. Jack put his hand on Jack’s ass and squeezed the mess. Rick loved the feeling as the warm, mushy crap went up his ass crack and surrounded his cock and balls. Jack felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum.” He whispered into Rick’s ear. Jack suddenly tensed up and shot his load into the padding. He shuddered as glob after glob of sticky cum leaked into his diaper. Rick smiled as he felt Jack orgasm.

Jack, after recovering from his climax, grabbed Rick’s diapered crotch.

“You’ve been a naughty boy.” He said, rubbing Jack’s cock in the wet diaper.

“Yes I have.” Rick whispered. Jack rubbed faster and faster until Rick took in a quick gasp and unleashed a torrent of cum. Rick laid back as he continued spurting cum into his diaper. Jack smiled at him and gently moved his finger to Jack’s lips, and then began making out with him again. The laid there, in their dirty diapers, making out for a loooooooooooong time.

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