Diapered cuckold

My girlfriend is a slut, but I’m not trying to be sexist when I say that. She calls herself that, and is proud of her promiscuity.

In the three months we’ve dated she’s probably been boned by at least a dozen different guys.

I found texts on her phone after about a week and she admitted she’s been fucking another guy. Most guys probably would ended the relationship right there, but not me. The thought of her getting fucked by other guys was just so hot to me, and I wanted her to be free to embrace her sexuality.

So we’ve kept dating, and she’s always told me about her naughty nights with other guys. She’ll text me when she goes out, and I get suited up in my diaper or cum stained underwear.

Last night she went to a bar and ended up going home with two Latino dudes. She sent me snaps of her getting double teamed by them both and ended with her getting showered in cum.

Meanwhile, I was at home wearing diapers and my footy pajamas. I watched as the two guys fucked her hard, while she moaned and gagged on their dicks.

I then pushed and filled my diaper to the brim with a big ol stinker. I sat and squished around, peeing and rubbing myself as I watched her get fucked.

I busted a nut a moment later and sat back in my filth in sheer ecstasy of how dirty it all was. I sat around for awhile, then cleaned up before she came home.

I know this relationship probably won’t last, but it’s been fun so far. I have discovered a new fetish for myself, anyone else into cuckoldery?

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