Diapered Boys in the Woods

Sorry I’ve been away for ages and ages! But I’ve got lots of TRUE stories for everyone since my last story in May 2017! So watch this space as I’ll try and upload much more often and recount some of the naughty experiences over the past 18 months or so. Anyway, to the good stuff….

So my Grindr profile is pretty explicit and to the point and so I tend to get an interesting mix of kinksters and vanilla guys wanting to try something new. I got a message from a scally chavvy guy up in Edmonton, which started out fairly regular and then quickly turned into talka about fisting, piss, shit and diapers. It always crack me up how the niceties get ditched fairly quick for the good stuff. He was around my age and wanted to meet up to do some diaper stuff outdoors, so I, of course, said yes.

I caught the Overground a few stops up. We had made a deal to drink at least 2lts of water before the meet time and to go on a toilet ban from an hour before we were due to meet. Now I drink a lot of water and I was bursting by the time we met. He was a chav dream, thin, in greay sweatpants and a silly boy racer car. I got in and he told me they he was also bursting and that we better get going, so he drove off out of the town until we reached what looked like a country house-come-hotel. We scouted about for somewhere to park and eventually parked a bit further down the drive as the car park was packed. Clearly, he liked the risk of people people around!

I didn’t have any diapers that day, so I got changed in to one that he brought with him. When we were both padded up, we got out of the car and set off for a walk. We stuck to the footpath through the wood, and we could hear kids doing some dirtbike stuff pretty nearby and could see dog walkers scattered about as well, which made all this all the more hot with us two twenty somthings padded and bursting for a piss and, a little more as it turned out.

We turned off the path slightly and he pulled us into an opening amongst the trees where he said we should take our trousers off so that we’re just in our coats and diapers.

“I cant hold it any longer”, he said. “I need to go right now too” I said.

He wanted to go first, and so he tried to relax and let it go but seemed to be a bit pee shy. So I suggested that he push to help. Of course what I really wanted was that he would also shit himself, it had been the plan for me to do it but not for him.. mwahaha.

So he pushed and a big spurt came out, but then he was like “I’ll shit myself if I push anymore” and I was like ,”oh well, needs must”. So he pushed more and there was the satifsying crackle as he began to fill the back of his diaper, a reasuring bulge appeared out the back and the front beagn to get clearer as pee soaked the padding. When he was finally done he said it was my turn.

So I followed suit, soaking the diaper so much it was dribbling down my leg. I didn’t shit as much as him, but a bit came out. As he stood there look and me and me looking at him we could both see that we were hard in the diapers. He then said “I want to put my fist in you”. I wasn’t expecting it tbh as most guys wouldn’t want to fist a dirty ass in the woods with the biker kids clearly getting close, but I didn’t mind and so I pulled down my diaper so it was round my ankles and bent over against the tree. He cracked out this super cheap lube, lubed up his hand, my ass was a bit shitty so he didn’t bother to lube that, he clenched his fist (he obvs was new to this) and tried to force it straght in. Lucky for him, I am rather loose these days and and as he pushed his fist in my ass started to give way and a couple of mins later he was cleaning my ass with each slow punch.

The boys were sounding very close indeed, so we stopped, he cleaned off his hand in the stream nearby and then we pulled our trousers back over our full and wet diapers and began our waddle back to the car. Stupidly, we’d left the baby wipes in the car so we had to make the way back with the warmth of the piss on our boners and, deffo for him, shit being squished between his cheeks.

By the time we got to the car it was very obvious that his choice to wear grey sweatpants was a poor/great choice as there was a big damp patch in the front which earned us some funny looks from passers by. When we got back to the car, I did a little clean up as I had to go back on the train, he just went with it and stayed in his diaper. He drove me back to the station with an empty bladder and a loose ass and he was very pleased sitting in his very used diaper.

We agreed to meet again which we did a couple of weeks later… that will be my next story upload 🙂

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