Diapered Banana Butt

First I send you to the store to get adult diapers, female pads, 2 bananas, liquid glycerin and an enema bag. You are so turned on by shopping for the items that you are completely horny the entire time. Also, since you know that you are going to poop on yourself soon, your body is constantly trying to make you void your bowels as you walk through the store. You struggle to not mess your pants in public. You want to hurry up and get back home to have some fun, so you don’t waste time by going to the bathroom at the store. Once you have purchased the items and arrived back home, you go into the bathroom and strip completely naked. You put a towel on the floor and kneel on it as you peel the banana. You then break the banana in half and push each half into your waiting hole. As soon as that is done, you take a female pad, and roll it up with the adhesive on the inside. You push it into your hole until your body sucks the pad inside of you. After that, you put on a diaper and go about doing whatever you want inside of your house while talking to me. The only thing you have on is the diaper.

Pretty soon you feel your stomach start cramping. You rub your stomach as you moan. You tell me how bad you need to take a shit. I tell you that your body won’t let it come out until your hole expands enough for the pad to slip out. You are sure that you can feel the pad expanding inside of you, and you wonder if it is ever going to come out. I tell you that it will, but it will take a while because of the banana turning to liquid and the pad absorbing it. You groan as yet another cramp hits you. You beg me to let you go to the bathroom to poop, but I tell you that your body will make you shit when it’s ready, not before. I can hear you let out a moan. You are so desperate to go poop that it’s almost driving you crazy. You can’t think about anything other than releasing the load that is inside of you.

You don’t even know it until it happens, you feel the pad slip out of you, and the mess of bananas mixed with shit pouring out of your hole and into your diaper. You’re still as horny as you have been through entire ordeal, so you are in complete shock as you feel the front of your diaper getting warm and wet. You can’t believe that you just peed in your diaper without even trying. I make you rub yourself through your diaper and in less than a minute you can feel your cum mixing with the poop and pee that’s already in your diaper. I make you take off the diaper and throw it in the trash can and then get into the shower to clean up.

After you get out of the shower, I make you fill the enema bag with warm water, salt and glycerin. You drain the air out of the hose, and then you put in on the door knob, and then you lay down on your left side on top of the towel. You lube up your hole and then slide the tube in. You open the clamp, and feel the water start flowing inside of you. I tell you that I don’t care how many times you have to stop it, but you will not be allowed to use the toilet until you have taken the whole bag and retained it for 15 minutes. You ask me what will happen if you have an accident. I tell you that you will have to completely start over again. You groan in distress as the water keeps filling up your bowels. After about 5 minutes, you are rocking back and forth begging me to let you up to use the toilet. I tell you that you still have 10 more minutes left. Five more minutes pass, and you can barely form a consistent sentence. All I hear is moaning. I tell you that you have five more minutes. You barely make it another minute before I hear you say “oh shit.” I don’t have to ask to know that you just lost control of your enema. I ask you how much came out, and you tell me that it was about 4 cups worth. I tell you to get another enema bag ready. You beg me and say “please mistress don’t make me take another bag.” I reply, “I told you what would happen if you didn’t hold it in, didn’t I?” I can sense you drop your head as you reply. “Yes ma’am” and start to fill the bag without complaint. Once it is filled, I make you get on your hands and knees to take this bag. Once it is in, I start timing you. You are still constantly groaning, but you are more determined than ever to hold this enema, because you don’t want this to happen a third time. You ask me if I will allow you to play with yourself. I tell you yes, but that you are not allowed to cum, and if you do, even if it’s an accident, that I will make you take the rest of the bottle of glycerin. You promise me that you won’t come as you start playing with yourself. I guess that helped you to hold it better, because you didn’t even realize that you held it for 20 minutes. I tell you to get up on the toilet and let it out, and make yourself come, and the water is coming out.

Once you are done taking a shit, you wipe yourself very good with a baby wipe, put another diaper on, and go take a nap because I exausted you.

If there is anyone male or female who would like to play the part of the sub in this story, send me a message on kik, care of SmallvilleFanatic87

I can’t wait to have some fun.

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