Diapered 24/7 from now on

So there we have it, after yesterdays big explosion in my pants i have decided from now on i will be going to work diapered from now on. Its much more convinient for me as i sit through long boring meetings and my boss can get quite funny if you take a toilet break. He says its unprofessional, ok. So today i went to work diapered. I had a meeting as usual and half way through i needed the toilet. Remembering i was wearing a diaper i just sat there and let it go. Warm pee filled my diaper and instantly the front filled up making a bulge between my legs. I was hoping i wouldnt leak. I thought the meeting would end soon but it seemed like ages. I felt a sudden grumble in my stomach and thought by now i would be taking my second toilet break of the morning, the one where id fill the toilet with a huge poop. Knowing that this poop was going to totally fill my diaper and stink i tried to hold it in as long as possible. Finally the meeting was over. I went to get up to leave and as i did i couldnt hold on and my diaper totally filled up with poop. Embarassed in case someone could tell i tried to rush out of the room when my manager said, can i have a word with you Matthew, take a seat. Thinking he had seen what id done i sheepishly sat back down, squishing the load up my backside and feeling it spread all over my balls. I waited for him to say hed caught me out. Instead my manager said he was going to promote me. I was so relieved and even better he gave me the afternoon off. I didnt bother changing, i got in my car and drove home. From now on ill be wearing my diapers so i never have to leave my meetings again whilst im working 🙂

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