diaper wet pants

so I was 11 when i wet my pants and my mom was pissed. so when i wet myself my mom went to the store. i ask to come with her. she said no. little did i know that she was going to get diapers. so went she got home she told me to come with her. then she took off my clothes and put the diaper on me and for the next few years she got me diapers. not letting me use the restroom she told me to bring extra diapers with me to school because i allways had a cup of water on my desk . so i would just wet my diaper. and when i got home she would put me in a crib. because she changed my room to a nursery. she would feed me baby food. and even canged my diaper every time i used it at home. this was until 18 i got out of diapers

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