Diaper sex

So this is the true story of something that happened between my boyfriend and I, yesterday. We both like diapers but I’m the only one that really likes pooping them.

I had been holding a load all day, while we were cleaning his apartment. I didn’t think it was gunna be very big but I decided I’d eventually do it in a diaper.

I had just put my diaper on a few minutes ago and after drinking a lot of wayer and cold brew, I had to pee! I was standing in front of my boyfriend with my pajamas on over my diapey. I had that zoned out face on that you make when you’re concentrating on peeing. He looked at me, while standing in the kitchen and asked what I was doing. I just sorta smiled, since I know it was too late and my diaper was already swelling with warm piss.

He came up and pulled the front of my pajamas down and asked if I had peed my diapey. Before I could get more than a giggle out, he felt how warm the front of my diaper was and knew the answer.

“what a naughty boy! You’re supposed to be cleaning and you’re over here, peeing your diaper like a baby? “. Then he picked me up and bent me over his lap on the futon. He spanked me and told me I was a naughty boy. I pretended to be upset, but my cock was just gettingso hard between the spanking and pressing up against my warm, piss filled diaper.

After enough spanking, he stopped and asked me if I learned my lesson. I said that I had, but then I squatted down like a little baby and started to push. What I thought was a small load turned out to be a pretty big, solid poop!i could feel the warm, stinky load resting nicely in my diaper and was so pleased with myself hehe.

If he couldn’t figure out what I’d done by my position, it was obvious by the smell! It was a really stinky poop on my diaper but it was the kind of stink that I really liked heh. He yelled at me, “now you pooped your diaper?! What a naughty, naughty boy!”

I stood up a bit from my crouched position and he came over and embraced me. He ran his hand over the sagging back of my poop filled diaper and kissed me as he squished my poop against my butt and told me I was a naughty boy.
Then he quickly spanked my poop, squishing it hard against my little butt and told me, “it’s punishment time!”. With that, he pushed my head down, while pulling down his pants, to reveal his hard dick. He trusted me head into it and I swallowed it up with my mouth. I sucked and sucked, and tasted some delicious pre cum leak from his dick.

After he stopped forcing my head into his dick, I stopped for a minute and sat down in my poopy diaper. He was standing still and looked down at me, a bit confused. I looked up at him and then starting violently bouncing up and down, squishing my big poop all over my diaper and rocking back and forth in my filth.

Then he got down on the ground with me and reached into my diaper. By now, the bulge in the front of my diaper matched the sagging load of poop in the back, with my throbbed cock tenting out the front of my diaper. I felt his hand grab me and started leaking pre cum like crazy.

When he could tell it wasn’t too long till I came, he did something I never would have imagined. He pulled my cock farther out of my diaper, as he mounted it and (with lube) slid my cock into his warm butthole. I was in sheer ecstasy, sitting on my stinky pile of poop, with my dick shoved into my boyfriend’s big ass.

It only took me a minute, and before I shot my load, I begged him to put his hand on my butt and squish my poop. He did, and as I did my final thrusts into his butthole, I felt him firmly squish my poopy diaper against my butt and with that, I shot a massive load of cum into his butt, which an earth shattering orgasm.

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