Diaper prison part two

Alex woke p the next morning in her crib to that she had wet her diaper a lot and that was the same for the other inmates, shortly after waking up a prison guard arrived at their cell door. It was opened and breakfast was served. Breakfast was only a bottle of milk that also had other ingredients that over time would make Alex fully out of control of her bowels. The guard waited until all three inmates had finished there bottle. The guard instructed Alex that her changing time would be shortly but she would only get changed if she had both wet and messed her diaper. The door was closed and Alex wondered how she was going to mess her diaper before her change. About ten minutes after drinking the bottle she felt her stomach groan and when sh went to let out a fart she filled her diaper with soft logs of poop. She now had to wait until the guard came back for a change. After what felt like an eternity a guard came to her cell. Alex had to be put in chains to be taking to the changing facility where she went when she arrived. Alex was walked walked past a young women being taking to the changing facility that had just arrived at the prison. The women looked like she had pooped hat pants quit a lot which in this day and age can get you ten years in diaper prison . Still Alex was still unsure of what her sentence was going to be as it could go from five to thirty years in diaper prison. Alex was taking to a changing table and the new inmate was put up in the one next to her. The guard removed Alex’s diaper and placed a fresh one under her. She was powdered and the diaper was closed. Alex was returned to her cell and released from her chains. Once the inmates had been changed they were not allowed out of their cell. Alex continued this life for around three months before her court date was due.

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