Diaper Pooping at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich/UK

Once I decided to visit Greenwich at my last day of vacation in London.

I took the subway/tube & DLR train to Greenwich and put on a Tena Maxi in the toilets/restroom of the “National Maritime Museum” before I walked up the hill to the famous “Royal Observatory” with the Prime Meridian (0° 0′ 0”).

The observatory was extremely crowded but I could stand at the Prime Meridian and pushed out a nice load in my Tena while taking a picture of my feet standing one in the East, the other one in the West. It was also quite exciting because obviously someone behind me, who was looking at me by chance, surely could notice a growing bulge at my seat. I walked around in the observatory for half an hour, asked two people to take a picture of me with my camera and had “dinner” in Greenwich town in a McDonald’s where I had to queue in line for ordering my meal. It felt like heaven when I could sit down there in my huge warm-sticky load.

Then I took the DLR train & subway/tube from Greenwich to “Earl’s Court” station in London (altogether 22 stations). I really started to stink in the meantime and avoided to move on my seat. Nobody around said anything, but at “South Kensington” station an Indian woman sniffed at her small boy’s rear, a woman behind me changed her seat and another one asked someone to open the upper window – it surely wasn’t too warm for her. Of course I perkily put on an innocent face all time and escaped discreetly at my final destination where I also bought some soft drinks in a small supermarket …

I was going to sleep again in my poopy nappies/diapers in the hotel. A very exciting day was reaching its end 🙂

P.S.: The day before I had another “messy diaper adventure” in a London palace & museum … but this is another thrillish story which I may also share with you …

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  1. You are a lot braver than I am to do this!

    I can’t help wondering how many people on the tube realised you were the cause of the smell as it mysteriously left when you did?!

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