Diaper Poo

When i was 15 i had the house to myself for a weekend and i had some pull ups liein around so i decided to wear them the hole weekend! On saturday mornin i woke up and I had been holdin my poo in for 4 days so i REALLY had to let it go and when i woke up i pissed a tiny bit off and on to keep my self warm, got dressed and decided to walk up to Krogers to get some diapers and condoms. On my way up there i realized i had to let the poo out. It wanted out so bad that as i was walkin my ass cheeks were spreadin open and it would slip out a tiny bit than goback in. Well i let a bit out and felt so realived and got into krogers and could start to smell a litttle. So i got the adults diapers pack, went into the bathroom and grabbed on and put it ontop of the pullup! It was the best thing ever to feel these two soft fabricts on my pissy pooed crotch! On my way back home i went past a port-a-poty and i ran in to smell all that public hot mess and i let out all my mess as my crotch was rock solid hard and stretchin out so far! My piss was leakin out all over me and mixing with my hot shit, it was the LARGEST mess i ever had! i walked home and felt it all moanin the hole time and feelin amazin, i ended up layin in bed and wanked soo hard for a good while and shot my load onto my belly as i rubbed with my poo covered cock using it as lub! It was the best orgasm hands down i ever had!



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  1. Why is this thing such a taboo going in our pants feels great.

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