Diaper love

My name is Emma I am 15 year old I lived with my mom my dad had left and so we are alone. When night we watch a movie and drink lot of water so after I got asleep I wake up wetting the bed . In the beginning I thought it was once so I didn’t give it any attention. But it seems not for three days I was wetting the bed after that I had lose my control on my bladder I begin missing my self in the day. My mother was worried so she took me to the doctor but he didn’t found any problem with me then we go home and we have a conservation about having diaper I refused the idea at the beginning but finally I was forced to wear them. The next day goes with my mother to store and bought some adult diapers we go to the home and I stripped and sleep on the flour waiting my mother as she put for me the diaper it feel comfortable I really liked it .I was changed three times a day before sleeping , after waking and after the lunch . Every morning I wake I wet I love it and most feel I like was the worm pee that went between my legs after few months I wake and I was dry but I wet it in purpose since I love them and I want to be diapered always.

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  1. Do you just pee yourself little girl or do you like to drop messy poops too? Such a naughty little girl peeing and hopefully pooping yourself

  2. It’s good for a girl to stay in nappies. Keeps her Bum Good and Smelly when she has a Poopy, and her Privates nice and warm when she wets. It’s natural for humans to let go of their waste and the feelings we get when we do are the universe’s way of rewarding us for messing. This is why it’s great for people like you to stay diaper’d. That way you always know when you’ve had a pee, by the warm, wet feeling between your legs, and how you always know you’ve had a Poopy, by the nice, stinky smell that comes from your now squishy behind. Stay Diapered Emma, it’s the best way to be 🙂

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