Diaper intro part 2

Chloe smirked as she prepared to give me my punishment. I realised she had planned this. First she told me to get some lunch. She fetched me a meal from the kitchen and placed it on the floor. She then bound my arms and legs before kneeling, pulling her diaper down and unleashing a stream of piss onto my food before taking some poop out of the diaper and putting it on top of the food. She commanded me to eat it like a dog and I did. As I ate she went round to my diaper and started squishing it so the poop ran up front into my pussy area even more. She then removed the diaper and rubbed more poop around my ass. I finished the meal and was about to orgasm when she told me not to. She then produced to me a pair of fishnets, heels a belt and a western hat. She dressed me up and told me I had to go out in public like this. She gave me some laxatives and told me to go to the town and be a human toilet in the malls’ unisex ones. She said I had to crap myself on the way and could not clean up. I stepped out the door and headed to the mall. About halfway I felt the urge to poop and let it flow. It shot right down my fishnets while leaking out the gaps. I arrived at the toilets which had a mixture of urinals and stalls. Sat on a urinal, slipped my hands down my fishnets and waited. There were a lot of people so I will just hit the highlights. There was a fat man who told me to stay where I was and pissed in my mouth and over my body, and trust me, he had a lot of piss. When he was done he then shot a load over me. A young women who proceeded to get me onto the floor and leave a soft crap on my face and pee running down my breasts and a young man who held my pussy open and pooped in it… Part 3 soon

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