Diaper intro 3

After returning unwashed from my little trip to the toilets Chloe sent me to have a shower with her. We finished after about 5 minutes and we came downstairs. She then fetched me a diaper and with slits in the top. I put it on an she wrapped a bike lock through the slits and pulled it tight before locking it so there was no way I would be able to get it off without the key. She then gave me a bra to put on and as I did that she put the key in an envelope addressed to me. She then ordered me to go and post the letter bra and diaper only. I did so and returned to my mistress. She got scissors and cut slots in the crotch and rear area of my diaper and sent me home with the diet of laxatives every night and lots of veg to make my poop mushy. The key took a week to turn up and it didn’t take long for the poop and especially pee to find its way out of the gaps.

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