Diaper Boy

When I was growing up, I had siblings younger than me in diapers still. Once, I got curious, wondered what it’d be like to use them. Being a thin boy, I could fit into some of the “Pull-Ups”  potty training pants. I removed my underwear and put on the potty training pants. I looked in the mirror as I wore nothing else but the Pull-Ups. I laughed, and began to pretend I was a baby. I crawled on the floor, laid down, and began sucking my thumb. I got the mischievous thought to relieve myself in the diaper, like a real baby. I pressed my hand to my crotch as I begin to try and pee. My brain body wouldn’t let me do what my brain told it to. My body had grown out of the habit of just peeing when I wasn’t in the toilet. I relaxed all of my muscles and then soon I felt warmth against my hand that was on my crotch. However, I also felt something new. I felt a tingly feeling in my penis. I pressed the wet warmth to my penis and I felt more pleasure. I kept doing this until my breathing became corse. I was afraid and excited at what was happening to me. Though, before I got m release, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It was my older brother. He scowled at me. He yelled asking what I was doing. I panicked and said I was trying on a diaper to see if being a baby was a good Halloween costume, seeing as the Halloween season was only two months away. He told me to stop and I was being weird, and that if I didn’t stop, he’d tell our parents. In sheer terror I ran to the bathroom and took off the Pull-Up and tossed it in the rubbish bin. It wasn’t until I was older that I tried this again…but that’s another story. 

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