Diaper accident

This happened the other day, me and my mom were heading out to dinner to Applebee’s. We were having a great time untill a little after I ordered my food I felt the urge that I had to go pee so without hesitation I peed in my diaper… A few minutes later our food came I was almost finished eating when my stomach started to gurgle and I needed to poop I asked my mom to let me out of the booth so I could go but it was no use she ignored me and told me to use my diaper… I have never used my diaper for poop in public before so I tried to get out but still no use she wouldn’t let me so I figured I’d try to hold it .. We finished our food and when was on our way home when we got stuck in traffic the urge was so intense that I was having bad stomach cramps I figured that there was only a little time left till we got home. We were a mile away when suddenly my body couldn’t hold it anymore and I conpletly filled my diaper..

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  1. Dont understand why you held it for so long. When you Mom told you to just go you should have listen to her.

  2. How about forgeting you’re straight for a moment and let me ride that fime ass? I gaurantee you shoot the biggest load of your life!

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