Destroying my wife’s white panties.

This afternoon my scat queen wife gave me a pair of her size 8 hanes her way white panties to destroy by me shitting in them because the panties were too small for her (she’s size 10 now). She’d worn the panties all day today and hated the fit. After she shit today, i performed my regular service to her by cleaning her asshole by both wiping with a wash cloth and then licking her ass with my tongue. (I’m not allowed to tongue her ass first right now because I’m recovering from a medical condition- prior to now I used to tongue out/eat her ass before wiping with a wash cloth. ) She was going throw the panties away and put on a clean, better fitting pair. I asked her if I could have the size 8 panties to shit in then throw away. She agreed and she watched me put them on. Then I went to another bathroom alone to shit in the panties in the tub! I had a great afternoon as I loaded the loose fitting panties up in the back then pulled the mushy scat load forward over top of my cock to hump the scat load still while it was inside the panties. After playing for long enough the white panties were now completely brown. I finished up by cleaning up , washing the panties out a little and throwing the panties into the trash (I never throw out my male underwear no matter how stained or disgusting). Then I went and thanked my scat queen for allowing me to destroy her old panties with my solo scat play. She smiled at me and told me that she was happy for me and that “you are welcome”. Picture is of the white size 8 Hanes her way panties AFTER I rinsed them out to throw the panties away.

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  1. Nice… It is a great feeling to shit in your womans panties ,panties that are worn are so great, if you have the urge to sneak even though you have permission, what you can get into is ,try wearing then for the day ( you know your little secret) as you wear them,you can notice that your balls start to smell just like your wife’s pussy, for me when this happens,that’s when I get the urge to have a big bowel movement, I would often tell her that it was a tribute to how turned on by her I would get…I would buy all of her panties,well you know they were mine just as much as they were hers…thanks for sharing…

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